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Genetic Mutation Doubles Lifespan of Fruit Fly
Genetics and Favorable Cholesterol Profile are Secrets of Japane
Dietary Supplements Restore Rats Youth
Concentrate on Quality of Life Not Immortality
Antioxidant Drugs Quadruple Mouse Lifespan
Vitamin C Fast Tracks Drugs through Blood-Brain Barrier
Viruses Could Become New Antibacterial Drugs
Scientists Unveil Enzyme-Based Antibiotic
Nocebo Effect Explains Unusual Side Effects
Garlic Extract Combats Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Daily Aspirin Cuts Couch Potatoes Risk of Death
Aspirin May Combat Viruses
7-Million Seniors Prescribed Dangerous Drugs
Stem Cell Transplants Leads to Remission of Lupus and Arrest of
Older but Not Necessarily Weaker
Office Life Bad for the Back
Marijuana Effective against MS Pain and Spasms
Low-Cal Diet Keeps Muscles in Shape
Green Tea May Help Muscular Dystrophy Patients
Aerobic Exercise Helps Relieve Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Vitamin E Repairs Nerve Damage in Mice
Vitamin E in Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia
Vaccine May Prevent Paralysis Following Spinal Cord Injury
Vitamin D Benefits MS Patients
Surgeons Perform First Living-Donor Nerve Transplant
Stem Cell Transplant May Slow Progression of MS
Snail Toxin Speeds Nerve Regeneration
Scientists Uncover Link between MS and Viral Infection
Scientists Reverse Spinal Injury
Scientists Find Key to Controlling Nerve Regeneration
Scientists Discover How to Reprogram Brain Cells
Scientists Attempt to Repair Spinal Cord Injury with Nose Cells
Researchers Regrow Severed Nerves
Researchers Identify Neuroprotective Compound
Plastic Tubing Aids Nerve Regrowth
Oxidative Stress Linked to Neurodegeneration
Newly Grown Neurons are Functional Say Researchers
Mozart Lowers Frequency of Epileptic Fits
Mild Head Trauma, Big Effects
Lab-Grown Neurons Injected into Brains of Stroke Patients
Iron Raises Stroke Damage Risk
Heart Beat Molecule Could Be Useful in Treating Brain Disorders
Huntingtons Breakthrough Brings Cure One Step Closer
Growth Factor Promotes Growth of New Neurons
Falls May Indicate Ear Disorder
Eye Chemicals Instruct Severed Nerves to Regrow
Electrodes Could Help Paralysed Regain Movement
Enzyme Discovery Could Lead to New MS Treatments
Doctors Find Evidence of Life After Death
Curry Spice May Halt Progression of MS