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Generosity May Well be the Key to Longevity
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Position Statement on Human Aging
Cloned Stem Cells the Best Form of Stem Cells
Scientists Make Major Advances in Cloning Technology
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Cloned Mice Have Significantly Shorter Lifespan
26-Year Old Rats Strengthen Evolutionary Theory of Aging
Super-Mice May Help in the Development of Memory Drugs
Super-Mice May Help in the Development of Memory Drugs
Enzyme Discovery Could Lead to New Treatments to Repair Brain Da
Training Could Help Seniors Stay Mentally Sharp
High Levels of "Good" Cholesterol Might Preserve Cognitive Fun
Having Children May Help to Protect Women Against Dementia in La
Stem Cells Coaxed into Dopamine-Producing Brain Cells
Club Drug Ecstasy Could Lead to New Treatments for Parkinsons
OFFICIAL STATEMENT - Growth Hormone and Sex Steroid Administration in Healthy Aged Women and Men
Nicotine Encourages Production and Accumulation of Aging Protein
Cranberry Juice Could Help to Protect Against Lung Infections
Men are the Main Cause of Insomnia for Italian Women
Inflammatory Proteins May Identify those at High-Risk of Stroke
Transporter Protein Boosts Learning Ability and Memory in Mice
Loud Snoring Linked to Stroke
New Research Suggests Gingko Helps Memory of Dementia Patients
One in Four Over 65s Suffer from Memory Loss
Jasmine Found to Encourage Restful Sleep
Choice of Alcoholic Drink Could Influence Dementia Risk
Coenzyme Q10 Slows Progression of Parkinsons
Cement For Osteoporosis
Diabetes Drugs Could Lead to Age-Delaying Therapies
Minute Semiconductors could Revolutionize DNA-Based Science
Nerves from Ribs May Help Spinal Cord Injury Patients
A Personal Genome for $1,000?
Worlds Biggest Genetic Database Given the Green Light
Scientists Learn about Eye Diseases by Lighting up the Brain
Scientists Make Blood Brain Barrier Drugs Breakthrough
US Health Experts Urge People to Get into the Tea Habit
Womens Enhanced Ability to Fight Bacteria and Parasites Secret
Stem Cells May Determine Lifespan
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Researchers More than Double Worms Lifespan
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Researcher Finds Anti-Aging Gene
Regular Sex and Lots of Money Keys to Long Life
No End in Sight for Human Life Expectancy
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Monograms Spell Out Longevity
Less Calories More Life