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Report on expired medicine sought from govt

By hqew2013 at Oct. 25, 2015, 10:18 p.m., 26468 hits

Lahore - The Lahore High Court on Tuesday directed the government to file a report about allegations of usage of expired medicines on a petition against the Punjab government for its alleged failure to control deaths due to dengue.
Appearing before the court on Tuesday, a legal advisor of the health department submitted a report about medicines used during last years to control the epidemic. He submitted that they imported the medicines which were duly approved by the World Health Organization. He said no spurious or unapproved medicines were used. He said because of steps of the health department, deaths because of dengue are reduced if not controlled completely. He said they are struggling to fully control the epidemic and in soon they would be successful in this regard.
Over allegations of the petitioner, the court directed the counsel for the health department to submit a report before the court either the medicines used during last years were expired? The court adjourned the further hearing until January 13.
The petitioner submitted that the government was making false claim and had miserably failed to contain the disease as still people were dying of it. He submitted that the dengue outbreak might start again at any movement but the government had not taken any conclusive precautionary steps to stop dengue growth. He stated that if timely action was not taken a large number of people could lose their lives.
He said because to poor arrangements of the government last year, many deaths took place due to dengue. He said this year on February 22 it was disclosed that the dengue has started affecting people in Lahore but the government remained idle.
He submitted that deaths due to dengue were increasing day by day. He said the provincial government and its departments concerned miserably failed to control dengue and even substandard medicines were sprayed to control it.
He alleged that millions of rupees had been embezzled in purchase of anti-dengue medicines from January 2012 to September 2013.
He also alleged that the circuit board department officials and some government high ups also involved in purchase of substandard and expired anti-dengue medicines.
He requested to issue directions to the provincial government to hold a transparent inquiry against officials involved in the embezzlement.

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lance roll

studies says that 88% of the lots could be extended beyond their expiration date for an average of 66 months—or 5½ years,".
God knows.because going for expiry drugs still sounds little scary.