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Let Them Get Fat

By sswartz at Oct. 7, 2014, 3:30 p.m., 17362 hits

A few times a year I get away to Michigan to see my mother, the kids, and grand kids for a long weekend. It can be intense, but a lot of fun. It's always been very important for me to stay in touch with family and friends the experience always rejuvenates me. 

For some, being away from home can be hectic but I always have been a good traveler and I love going on adventures. One of the secrets of traveling is stay on your program. I know people who have a handful of excuse why they can’t do something. Even as easy as staying on their own health and diet program.

I hear the darnedest things: “We are on vacation; we're too busy to exercise or diet! I plan to start again next week, or it’s no longer a priority.” 

People in general are stressed out in a rush to get to where they are going and in a rush to return. Their diets aren't about health at all and when traveling they are even worse. But if you think about it, that comfort food that always has the extra special taste that seems to relax you for the moment has a hidden downside to it. Can have a direct negative hit to your health, it also effects your waistline. 

Years ago, I talked to one of my friends, who at that time owned and operated one of the top ten restaurants in the United States.

We were talking about health and nutrition and he said to me: “In our business, we don't cook for health, we cook for taste.”

People in general aren't looking for health or thinking of it until they get sick. 
It’s no wonder many come back from vacation with all that extra weight! The excuse is I am on vacation. I don’t have to exercise and I can eat anything I want. 

When I am on Vacation I make sure I train every morning rain or shine. I have at least a bite or two of everything but that’s it.

Here are some special tips while traveling to keep you healthy, stay in great shape, and even shed those unwanted pounds. 

1. Rise and shine at the same time every morning and train for at least 1/2 hour. This way, you can get your exercise done before your family gets up and has a bunch of actives planed. If you need those extra zzz's, you can always grab a nap later in the day. Remember, you're on vacation.

2. Eat in moderation. Rich foods, sweets and carbs are all ok. However, take only a bite or two and pass on those creamy deserts. Instead, stick to sorbets and fruits. Skip the bread, rice, potatoes, cookies and cakes. You'll be glad you did when vacation is over. If your family and friends want to eat like there is no tomorrow, let them! But stick to your guns and your program.

3. Stay hydrated! Drink more H2O than you usually do at home, a minimum three quarts a day if you are not exercising. If you are going hiking, playing tennis or anything physical, it's important to drink even more. Also eat hydrating foods for snacks such as fruits or veggies.

4. Exercise! Walk both forward and backwards this will open you up to new possibilities. Stretch, swim and incorporate different routines as long as you stay physically active.

5. Stillness. Doing nothing is an important part of relaxing and recharging your body, mind and spirit. It's okay if you don't stop at every roadside attraction, or saying hello to every friend and family member. Relax! Even a short 15 minute meditation You'll find yourself more peaceful, happier and a lot healthier

 Get touched. Treat yourself to a massage, facial, or foot reflexology. Give and get hugs at least a few times a day. When I travel to China, I get an hour foot massage as soon as I step off the plane and one before I leave. This keeps me healthy, relaxed and puts a smile on my face.)

7. Program your mind on how you want to look and feel. I program my food by telling it where I want it to go and what I want it to do. For example, I say to myself as I am about to eat, ”I want this meal to strengthen my muscles and give me more energy“ or ”by eating this meal, I will lose weight."

Follow these easy tips during your vacation; it will really become a vacation. You will return home in better shape, with less of a belly, well rested, more energy and ready to go full force.

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

— Last Edited by Sherwood S. Swartz, DOM, DMQ (China) at 2014-10-07 15:31:05 —

— Last Edited by Sherwood S. Swartz, DOM, DMQ (China) at 2014-10-07 15:33:29 —

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