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Health Diet in Summer and 9 Kinds of Food Help Purge Fire(一)

By herstcm at Oct. 16, 2015, 7:45 a.m., 24741 hits

As we all know, human body with vigorous yang qi in hot summer so that it is easy to suffer from excessive internal heat. In order to solve this problem, in addition to regulate daily life and drink more water, you can also eat some food help to purge fire. Now, I will recommend 9 recipes with simple practice for you. They are not only nutrient but also can purge fire.

1. Cucumber fried duck

Ingredients: 2 cucumbers, duck breast 200 grams, salt, garlic, white sugar, a little cornstarch.

Practice: Cut cucumbers into dices or slices and pickle with a little salt in advance. Rinse with cold water before fry so that it will be taste crisper. Cut duck breast into slices or dices and pickle with a little salt and cornstarch for about 10 minutes. Put a little oil into the pot, then add garlic and duck breast to fry to 7 mature then remove them from the pan. Put cucumbers into pan and stir-fried with a little oil then pour into the duck breast, add a little white sugar to gain freshness. At last fry with big fire for 3 minutes then remove them from the pan.

Efficacy: in traditional Chinese medicine, cucumber tastes sweet, cold in nature, enters the stomach and small intestine meridians and belongs to cold food. Cucumber can promote intestinal peristalsis, accelerate the waste discharge, and improve the metabolism of human body. Ducks have functions of tonifying yin and clearing heat, invigorating the spleen and reinforcing stomach and inducing diuresis to alleviate edema, suitable for cooking, making soup or frying.

2.Schisandra chinensis, wolfberry and lily bulb porridge

Ingredients: schisandra chinensis 10 grams, wolfberry 10 grams, lily bulb 20 grams, millet 100 grams, 10 grams of salt. Suitable for 3 people to eat.

Practice: wash the millet, schisandra chinensis, wolfberry and lily bulb then put them into the slow cooker, add 2 liters water then stew with big fire after boiling turn to small flame and cook for 1 hour. At last add salt and mix well.

Efficacy: nourish Yin and purge fire, tranquilize mind by nourishing the heart. Suitable for insomnia and dreaminess, feverishness in palms and soles, upset impatience, night sweats, less and yellow urine, dry stool, and red tongue and less coating.

3.Bitter gourd and bamboo shoots with sauce

Ingredients: 80-100 g bitter gourd, bamboo shoot 80-100 g, 5 g dry lotus leaf.

Practice: cut bitter gourd into slices and cut bamboo shoots into pieces then put bitter gourd into the pot to blanch and boil bamboo shoots then take them out for later use. Boil the dry lotus leaf for about 20-30 minutes, then filter crushed leaves and get the lotus leaf juice. Mix the lotus leaf juice, vinegar, soy sauce and salt together to form a seasoning, and drizzle in bitter gourd and bamboo shoots.

Efficacy: disappear fat, clear heat and purge fire and relieve summer-heat.

4.Kelp and mung bean soup

Ingredients: kelp 15 grams, 15 grams of mung beans, sweet almond 9g, rose 6g, brown sugar right amount.

Practice: wash mung bean, cut kelp into shreds. Put the kelp, mung beans, sweet almond together into the pot, add water to boil, and add roses. Remove the rose after kelp and mung beans cooked, then add brown sugar.

Efficacy: kelp taste salty, cold in nature, has the function of relieving phlegm, softening, and clearing heat and reducing blood pressure. Mung bean taste sweet, cold in nature, has the function of clearing heat and removing toxins, relieving summer-heat and diuresis. Often drink kelp and mung bean soup can be heat-clearing and detoxifying, cool serum lung, healing sores in acne.

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#1 - Oct. 16, 2015, 7:45 a.m.

Hey, cucumber with water is effective for health? I came to know that this drink sometimes suits someone's health and sometimes not.