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New findings like "bread found to contain potassium bromate, a carcinogen" require you to re-evaluate your overall anti-aging protocol.

By hkugler at Oct. 19, 2015, 7:07 p.m., 19147 hits

The flour used in many commercial baked goods may include an additive that’s been linked to cancer.

Regulators in the U.S. and abroad have reached troubling conclusions about the risks of potassium bromate that you probably don’t know about, but should. In 1999 the International Agency for Research on Cancer determined that potassium bromate is a possible human carcinogen. It is not allowed for use or is banned as a food additive in a number of countries, including the UK, Canada, Brazil and the European Union. The state of California requires food with potassium bromate to carry a warning label.

In tests on lab animals, exposure to potassium bromate increased the incidence of both benign and malignant tumors in the thyroid and peritoneum—the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity. Later research confirmed and expanded these findings, concluding that ingesting potassium bromate resulted in significant increases in cancer of the animals’ kidneys, thyroid and other organs.
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List of breads containing potassium bromate:

After incorporating new findings like this into your personal anti-aging approach, check how perfect YOUR anti-aging protocol is, or could be:

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#1 - Oct. 19, 2015, 7:07 p.m.
lance roll

Really ?How bad it is to know this.Bread is generally in everyone's daily diet.So it's time to check.But still thank you for informing.I'll try to cut the breads in my diet asap.