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Amazing new - health factors, and anti-aging modalities evaluating - diagnostic technology!

By hkugler at Dec. 7, 2015, 11:09 p.m., 16901 hits

Amazing New Evaluation Technology!
Just recently, my good friend, Dr. Hyla Cass, MD, an author and A4M presenter, alerted me to a new approach for evaluating a person’s health and anti-aging modalities via analyzing – with a high-tech reader (similar to MRI scanning) – guess what? - hair follicles/roots. Knowing my own anti-aging modalities to every detail (including areas where changes/adjustments should, possibly, be made according to a recent, detailed, blood analysis), I was anxious to see more.
Hyla offered to do this test on the spot. She plucked some hairs from the back of my neck, placed them on a small sensor plate, pushed “scan” and 15 mins later, we had a 30 page report covering nutritional needs, environmental concerns, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, toxins, microbiology, and EMF/ELF exposure.
I never saw anything so “hitting nails right on the head,” precise, and recommending things that had been suggested with the – previously done – detailed blood analysis.
The analysis pinpointed every detail of areas where I had just made, or were about to make, adjustments. From minerals (previously suggested to increase by complex blood analysis), to factors (excess strawberry and tea consumption), amino acids, EFAs, radiation risks (a more powerful WIFI, close to my bedroom, and – electronic transmitted - electricity meter recently installed at my house) that, when eliminated, GREATLY improved my sleep patterns.
Hyla explained how this technology - - from Germany, enables doctors to create an epigenetic based ‘profile' within 15 minutes of a scan. So How does it work? The scanner connects to the data center in Hamburg using a windows computer program, and special software and algorithms evaluate epigenetic field information from the scan of hair follicles. Then a 30 page ‘optimization' report highlights nutritional needs and environmental concerns in simplified pie-chart graphics, with details to the doctor and an explanation for the patient. You can do further specific testing based on this initial screening or can simply treat from these results. Soon to come are also neurotransmitters and hormones. Clearly this information can help in all aspects of wellbeing, illness prevention and peak sports performance.
Typical charge for this service by clinics is $120.00-$150.00.
Dr. Cass will be at the Cell-wellbeing exhibit at A4M, booth 5084 where she will be demonstrating the technology. In the meantime, for questions or more info, you can contact her by e-mail, and put “Cell-Wellbeing Info” on the subject line. Or text her at the show at 310-600-3008.
PS: For the record, I have no financial interests in Cell-Wellbeing.

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