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UPDATED 3.17: Medical blunders guaranteeing steep declines in US health – sustained by Washington’s infection with the special interest virus – could President Trump be the antiviral agent?

By hkugler at March 17, 2016, 4:45 p.m., 21946 hits

Find up-dates in Part II of this post.

It is atrocious to what degree special interests – in order to sustain profits – are dictating health- and earth-destructing actions. In the case elaborated on here, the fast/junk food industry is exerting their influence to prevent a simple up-dating of the US dietary guidelines to reverse the steep decline in US health, and to reverse already triggered decreases in US life spans, and not to continue the ever steeper decline – via yet unborn children - of US health in the future.

In March of 2012 four researchers from our top universities appeared on “60 Minutes” to call attention to an uncorrected medical blunder - - the seventieth advice to lower fat calories from 40 to 30% to reduce heart disease, and to slow weight gains.
Dr. Robert Lustig, Cal. U, San Francisco, sugar is addictive, and a major Metabolic Syndrome risk factor.
Dr. Kimber Stanhope, Cal. Davis, HFCS heart disease risk factor: increases LDL.
Dr. Lewis Cutley, Harvard, cancer cells have insulin receptors and thrive on sugar.
Dr. Eric Stice, Oregon Research Institute: Sugar addictive, very much like cocaine.

The key message from all four experts was this: at the present level of sugar/HFCS intake – 140 lbs/year/person - Sugar is toxic, addictive like cocaine, and a Metabolic Syndrome - cancer, hypertension, CHD, and five other disorders - risk factor, and that there is an extreme urgency to update the US dietary guidelines, and alerting people to the extreme dangers of excessive sugar/HFCS intakes. :

Even though scientists from every major university – from MIT, to Michigan U., Harvard, SUNY Stony Brook, Princeton – have published confirming data, government nutritional guidelines are so vague, AND ARE NOT BEING UPDATED AS PER SCIENCE FACTS, that informed scientists keep suggesting that politics – special interests, from big pharma, to food manufacturers, fast food places, and others, come hell, a US health care disaster, along with an increase in 8 major diseases – are dictating government actions, and is the driving force behind this public health disaster, to the point of being a first in reversing life span increases, and guaranteeing an ever steeper decline – via yet unborn children - of US health in the future. PROFITS ABOVE PEOPLE’S HEALTH - - WE THE PEOPLE replaced by WE THE GREEDY SPECIAL INTERESTS.

The following is an abbreviated summary of magnificent – reality-based, true science - information presented by professor Robert Lustig, MD, pediatrician, UC San Francisco, in his videos “The Skinny on Obesity “-“Sugar, the Bitter Truth,” and “Fast food, Fat profits; Obesity in America, Documentary HD 2015 720p”, and supported by an ever increasing number of scientists (and educational videos), ranging from Princeton, to SUNY Stony Brook, Harvard, MIT, Michigan U., and more.

In the seventieth – to lower the risk of heart disease, and slow down weight gains of the population at large – US Dietary guidelines advised people to lower fat intake from 40% down to 30% of total calories. The supporting data appeared so straight-forward that control studies – evaluating factors via reducing sugar and refined carbohydrate intake – were not done.

Big - - BIG - - VERY BIG - - MISTAKE! Actually a true BLUNDER!

In reality people got fat and fatter, “Metabolic Disorder” related disorders/diseases – as many as 8, eight, EIGHT – blossomed, and US health care costs skyrocketed by $ 1.3 trillion.

What went wrong?

When you lower the fat in foods, they taste like cardboard; so food manufacturers “improved” the taste by adding sugar and/or sweeteners (HFCS, high fructose corn syrup; cheap, and a strong sweetener), and quickly learned that, with added sugar/HFCS, they were able to truly hook customers - - in reality get them addicted.

Medical problems associated with the biochemical pathways going wrong because of the excess sugar/sweeteners intake were fat (lipid) metabolism disorders (with extreme weight gain a symptom), heart disease, adult-onset Diabetes, and Hypertension and – down the road – followed by more medical disorders: cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, dementia, and fatty liver.
Biochemical pathways – metabolic charts – connected all of the medical problems, and classified them as “Metabolic Syndrome.”

1) When blood sugar goes up due to excess sugar intake, insulin opens the doors to the cells, and inside the cells a small amount of sugar (glucose) is converted to glycogen (many sugar molecules hooked together). But the cell’s capacity to do so is limited, and excess sugar is converted to fat. While this is a major problem, with HFCS sweetener the problem escalates.
2) With HFCS – high fructose corn syrup - kiddingly referred to as “Japan’s revenge to WW II” (because it was discovered, and produced – inexpensively - in Japan) only the liver can metabolize the fructose, and only to the fat stage. This then causes fatty liver, and associated liver problems.

Again: What is the bottom-line of all the problems; is it calorie-related, or specific sugar/HFCS related? And the answer is: SUGAR and HFCS RELATED, meaning that, under these conditions, “a calorie IS NOT a calorie!” And with this we are now able to pinpoint the dark side of excess sugar/sweetener intake.

Defining “excess” is simple and easy: Evaluations of metabolic pathways pinpoints the maximum sugar intake for a woman at about 100 calories (25 grams), and for a man at about 150 calories (38 grams) per day.

What happens in your body when your sugar/HFCS intake goes up – 140 lbs/year - FAR beyond the accepted maximums?
Regular sugar is gluose and fructose. GLUCOSE – the basic fuel of life – can be metabolized by every cell in our bodies, but not FRUCTOSE.
Fructose – as in HFCS, high fructose corn syrup) can only be metabolized by the liver, and only to fat, AND WITH THAT ALL THE PROBLEMS HAVE THEIR STARTING POINTS: the fat now invades the liver mitochondria (the energy-producing organelles), causes mitochondrial disease, and metabolism decreases - - and with this the signals (from the stomach to the brain, transmitted by the hormone Leptin) “I had enough” get delayed, AND PEOPLE START TO OVEREAT. At first, when the Leptin message “I had enough” is just delayed, people will over-eat by 20%. Then, because the extra fast-food diet increases insulin, and the insulin blocks the leptin message, you feel like starving, eat more, and the frequent ferocious cycle of hunger, eating the wrong foods, storing energy (as fat), insulin blocking leptin, changes the dopamine receptors in the reward center in the brain – the Nucleus Accumbens - Inducing addiction.

The mechanism of addiction.
Dopamine triggers – via a number of receptors - the feeling of pleasure, but going for more, and more pleasure - - again, and again - - this changes the system; it reduces # of dopamine receptors, and to get the same pleasure (the basics of addiction) you have to do the addictive part (sugar, HFCS) more and more.
In addicted people - - and this is the same for tobacco, cocaine, drugs, alcohol, sugar - - when they see (or think about) the addictive “drug”, the reward pleasure – I want it – lights up. But when they actually get it, the reward is not truly pleasurable/rewarding, and so they have to do more, and again, and again.
Adding it all up, these medical problems account for 60% of all people, and the costs add up to a staggering 75% increase in health care costs, and the most mind-blowing fact is that these obesity-related medical problems are now a bigger problem to developing countries than infectious diseases.

But this is just the beginning! Since the fat cells in the body are determined during the early stages of pregnancy – and mother’s food habits determine that – we see more and more overweight babies; as a matter of fact, over the past years the body weight of pregnant women, and the birth weight of babies has gone up and up.

Motivational factors: Demonstrating the – unquestionable - NEED to IMPOSE health measures for PUBLIC HEALTH, and to immediately update US dietary guidelines are: $ 65 billion reduction in productivity, 55% absence due to obesity, $ 147 billion in added health care costs, and threat to national security; military rejects people due to obesity.

That nothing is being done about it demonstrates AGAIN that special interest profits - - come hell, high water, our countries financial downfall – have changed WE THE PEOPLE to WE THE SPECIAL – GIVE-A-DAMN, GREEDY - INTERESTS.

BOTTOM-LINE: Special (food) interests, to sustain their profits, are so dictatorial, effective, in preventing 100% science-based US dietary guidelines from being updated.
As clearly projected by metabolic pathway evaluations, a first in reversing life span increases, and guaranteeing an ever steeper decline – via yet unborn children - of US health in the future.
With the dictatorial influence of special interests demonstrated in literally every area, people are distressed, feel hopeless, and taken to the cleaners.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President, IAAM – International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a California 501-c-3 nonprofit health education organization
HINT: we pay no salaries, and financial support (confirmed with a statement from IAAM) is tax-deductible.

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#1 - March 17, 2016, 4:45 p.m.
Hans J. Kugler, PhD

UP-DATED 3.17, thanks to ongoing research by IAAM,
Best Documentary 2015 - The Secrets Of Sugar - Science Channel National Geographic
With America now the fattest nation in the world, how do other countries deal with the problems? The sugar-related problems, from overweight to cancer, depression, and brain malfunctions (showing addiction) don’t stop at borders. Here is an example of how the British try to bring the “sugar is toxic and addictive” message to its people: The Truth about Sugar - BBC Production
By Hans Kugler, PhD:
If you GOOGLE Dr. Lustig, his videos, or research topics, you may run across a video titled ”Fact-Check:Errors found in Robert Lustig's Sugar Bitter Truth - Fructose, Fat-Loss,Paleo,Low-Carb,Diets” .
This is, obviously, an attempt by the sugar/sweetener industry to discredit professor Lustig. It is soooo full of distortions, pseudo-science, statements blatantly taken out of context, and true ElToroPooPoo that one wonders if sugar addicts, escaping from a mental institution, got hold of a video camera and produced this joke of a video.

Percent of obesity by state - - 1994 – 2008 - - Map of the US: