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BRAINLESS! Geoengineering – Chemtrails/SRM/WeatherModification – THE Cause of the downhill Global Warming Spiral - - inducing Autism, Alzheimers, inflammation, tree-deaths, reef-dying.

By hkugler at April 2, 2016, 5:32 p.m., 22693 hits

Geoengineering – Chemtrails, SRM (solar radiation management), weather modification -sustained with excuses that range from pseudo-scientific VooDoo - “a countermeasure to GW” – to denial -“just contrails” - , is CLEARLY documented as a major, if not THE, cause of the worsening, earth-destructing, downhill Global Warming Spiral.

Please note that we – Hans Kugler, PhD, and IAAM, in a 2015 overview of GW (Global Warming) – expressed severe concerns about Chemtrail spraying, and classified it as “pseudo-scientific VooDoo”, and “the Climate Change blunder of the century". Global Warming – the science, EXTREME urgency to take countermeasures, and associated blunders – are very basic and easily explained. .
Recent disclosures from Italian scientists, US and German health professionals and pilots, prove us “Right On The Money” (in many ways, referring to the greed-based Special Interests actions that are ripping us off, destroying this planet, inducing diseases, and accelerating GW, ) as summarized below.

a) Chemtrail spraying of (toxic) chemicals (at high altitudes; 30,000 to 40,000 ft; going on for 30+ years now) contains mainly Aluminum, together with numerous other ingredients like Barium, Strontium, Thallium, others, and dispersant aerosols; confirmed with thousands of rainwater analysis worldwide, and numerous other facts. ; kept covert – nobody (governments, other) acknowledge its existence or purpose. Adding up available facts, the general consensus is that it was initiated, pushed, by special interests; most likely oil/carbon (to sustain profits), but also for world manipulation via inducing (wanted or destructive) weather patterns anywhere in the world.

b) Chemtrail spraying, under “Geoengineering, weather modification,” going as far back as WWII, and now apparently used as a “dirty politics” tool, manipulating/inducing any kind of weather condition ANYWHERE in the world; see the drought-induced turmoil in Syria; “Adolf revisited” – and induced extreme weather conditions taken advantage of by certain special interests.

c) Chemtrail spraying, under “Geoengineering/SRM” (solar radiation management) is a make-believe countermeasure to GW (global warming), blocking some sun energy from reaching earth, thus slowing down GW; THIS is the phoniest, apprentice, laws of thermodynamics violating, VooDoo pseudoscience only a total ignoramus could think of (scientifically making no – zero – ZILCH sense, as demonstrated below), and only non-scientific nincompoops would buy this pseudoscientific lunacy as a countermeasure to GW.

d) With total neglect for WE THE PEOPLE, the chemtrail spraying - - under whatever headline, and justifying it with whatever BS-sing arguments - - is sustained by special interests that take advantage of the induced, abnormal, conditions while totally ignoring or playing dumb regarding the established extreme risks; “WE THE GREEDY SPECIAL INTERESTS DO WHATEVER WE WANT,” and “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW” clearly hits the nail on the head; they’ll use any excuse, and pseudo-scientific argument/excuse to continue this earth-destructing, disease-inducing, VooDoo. The GMO industry developed crops that could grow in (chemtrail-caused) drought areas, and even developed aluminum-resistant crops. Radar technicians observed stealth technology for airplanes when spraying metal flakes into the air (dah!), and the carbon interests used the (false) planet cooling (by blocking sunlight with the sprays), together with intentionally planted bogus arguments (see Drexel U. publication) to keep pushing carbon fuels to sustain carbon profits. See the Italian documentary .

e) Do a NIH database – PubMed – literature search and find that Al is a neurotoxin, causing autism and alzheimers, and THE # 1 poison to trees, and the other ingredients causing inflammation (symptoms like head cold, sore throat, muscle pain, sleep problems, more), the # 1 starting point for literally every major, aging-related, disease. With aluminum in water, trees/plants shut down water uptake, and with this GREATLY reduce the capacity to balance CO2, and also dry out and become more susceptible to wildfires (fires putting extreme amounts of CO2 back into the equation; calculations suggest as much as 50% of total). : .

f) Departments of forestry all around the world alerted us, starting as long as 20 years ago, that trees are dying, and, putting numbers to it, starting nearly 10 years ago, projected that “within 15 to 20 years half of all trees, worldwide, will be dead.” In the oceans, reefs are the tree equivalents; due to the poisoning with the Chemtrail metals, they are dying at an accelerated rate, with half the Great Barrier Reef in Australia dead by April 2016. .\

g) NASA data show that CO2 levels have been increasing at an unprecedented rate; from 330 ppm to 350 ppm, and (lately, Hawaii observatory) to totally unacceptable levels of 400+ ppm. NASA:

h) With industrial growth (increase in carbon fuels), deforestation, and proportionately increasing global temperatures, the connection between CO2 as cause of GW (Global Warming) was established.

i) Worldwide response to solving the problem, GW, was/is 1) to reduce CO2 production via cutting down on carbon fuels, and 2) using clean sources of energy, from solar electricity, to wind power, geothermal, hydropower, others, 3) re-planting trees and reverting to natural – CO2 sequestering – land management (effective, as demonstrated by Tom Steyer, others).

FACTS: According to mathematical evaluations, with the reduction in carbon fuels, and increase in CO2-free solar electricity/energy, show that the desired results ARE NOT achieved, and that the WORSENING of climate change is – straight-forward – due to chemtrail spraying. The reasons for this are (repeating facts): Reducing trees capacity (to balance CO2) by poisoning them with aluminum, increased CO2 due to wildfires (trees becoming kindling due to aluminum), and (with chemtrail spraying blocking about 20% of sun energy from reaching earth) a 20% reduction in solar panel output, and having to make up for it by burning 20% more coal (to balance the decreased solar panel output). We understand that People, businesses, who have solar panels installed are planning to file suit against the chemtrail interests.

BOTTOM-LINE: Chemtrail spraying is just one, even though the most destructive, of the special interest dictated blunders. Special interests - - 100% greed based - - have become the most destructive forces in literally every respect, from financially ripping off the population at large, preventing acknowledging medical blunders thus preventing the reversal of 8 major diseases, severely worsening climate change, and making Washington a cesspool of corruption.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President IAAM – International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Standard Oil of Indiana research chemist, professor of chemistry at Roosevelt U., Chicago, now head of HK Stem Cell Research, Torrance, Calif., pilot – w-German Air Force, still flying, and more .

Hint: IAAM, (218 Ave. B, Redondo Beach, CA 90277) Calif. 501-c-3 nonprofit health education, pays no salaries; every dollar goes towards health, anti-aging, education/research. Donations are - with confrming lertter - tax-deductible.

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