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The extreme urgency to expose the covert Geoengineering "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW"atrocities.

By hkugler at May 27, 2016, 3:47 p.m., 22403 hits

Also check out PART II - - re. N-Dakota and Texas cattle industry-decimating “ice storms” that nobody learned about (pre-filtered news?) on regular news channels.

INTRODUCTION: We appreciate Dane Wigington’s relentless efforts to bring the atrocities of Geoengineering to everybody’s attention:
“Nature is unimaginably resilient, but when the breaking point is reached, collapse comes at blinding speed. The human race has already pushed the planet past the point of no return in countless ways, we are truly in uncharted territory. Is there any effort whatsoever on the part of those in power to slow the destruction of the biosphere? None. The race for resources and total control is worse than ever before, lines in the sand are being drawn all over the globe. Canada, India, and other regions around the world continue to incinerate. Oceans, reefs, kelp, and fish, continue to die. Coastal cities are pumping out from rising sea levels with sewage now filling the waters off Miami. What would happen if every single one of us put all our available effort and energy into the fight for the greater good? The most dire and potentially uniting issue on the planet is the fight to expose and halt the climate engineering assault, let's all renew our efforts to sound the alarm”.
Dane Wigington

Before you click on his MOST IMPORTANT Global Alert News of May 21, 2016 – below – keep in mind these basic facts that we recently presented via an EXPERTCLICK news release:

Large excesses of CO2 are – unquestionably – THE cause of Global Warming.
See NASA chart at:

Q.: What are the three most important areas in reducing atmospheric CO2 levels?
A: Trees (CO2 + H2O –> carbohydrates + O2) , oceans, and solar panels.

Geoengineering high altitude spraying contains Aluminum, Ba, Sr, Th, others, aerosols.
Confirm - with Medline search - “Al toxic to trees.”

Q.: What are the key (toxic) effects of Al on trees:
A.: Aa: In low concentrations it reduces tree water uptake and makes kindling out of them. Fact: large wildfires – 1,000+ acres – have doubled, from around 12,000 to 24,000/year in the US alone. See also the immense Canadian, and one that just started in Spain, wildfires. Ab: in larger amounts Al kills trees.

Q.: What are the key (toxic) effects of Al on human health?
A.: Alzheimers, Autism, more. Do a Medline for “Aluminum neurotoxin” and get 230 references.

Q.: What is the effect of Geoengineering spraying on solar panels?
A.: Reduces effectiveness by about 20%.

Q.: What is your bottom-line conclusion about Geoengineering? “BRAINLESS?” We agree; also our conclusion in our latest EXPERTCLICK news release: BRAINLESS! Geoengineering – Chemtrails/SRM/WeatherModification – THE Cause of the downhill Global Warming Spiral.

Geoengineering - even though kept covert with various confusion-sustaining excuses – is pretty well established as special interest (carbon, GMO, others) initiated pure VooDoo apprentice, loony-tunes pseudoscience that MUST BE STOPPED!

Dane Wigington’s Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 21, 20162016:

When Dane suggests: "The most dire and potentially uniting issue on the planet is the fight to expose and halt the climate engineering assault, let's all renew our efforts to sound the alarm” THINK ABOUT

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” John F. Kennedy, Edmund Burke, R. Murray Hyslop, Charles F. Aked, John Stuart Mill.

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#1 - May 27, 2016, 3:47 p.m.
Hans J. Kugler, PhD

Boosting up!

DID ANYBODY HEAR ABOUT THESE TWO - - N-DAKOTA, AND TEXAS CATTLE-INDUSTRY-DECIMATING DISASTERS - - ON A REGULAR NEWS CHANNEL? Could it be that what we are being served as “News” is pre-filtered by the special interests?

October 2013: Extreme snowfall – in reality an ice storm - 20,.000 cattle killed - destroys S-Dakota’s cattle industry: Concurring with Climate Change Scientists’ predictions—“Global Warming will worsen climate characteristics”—extreme snowfall in S-Dakota killed thousands of cattle; over hundreds of square miles, partially buried in snow, the dead animals lay huddled in groups, calves close to their mothers. Obviously, the Government will have to step in to help this $37 billion ravaged cattle industry, and you, the tax payer will pay for it.
But this isn’t as clear-cut as it appears: presents well-supported arguments that the S-Dakota cattle industry disaster was actually caused by awry-gone weather modification.

2 years later: Another - awry-gone “weather modification” – turned into an ice storm that decimated the Texas cattle industry
From 20,000 to 30,000 dairy cattle killed. Mass graves had to be dug, millions of gallons of milk dumped.

A reality-based view – BLIZZARDS AND BULLSHIT – by Dairy Carrie, a cattle farmer, is expressed in

With more info - - showing geoengineering pushed/dictated(?) by special interests, and nothing natural about these atrocities - - we wonder why is the only one filing lawsuits against the initiators of this Frankenstein VooDoo?
Re. the two cattle-decimating “ice storms,” is Government reimbursing cattle farmers for the damages, or are farmers not aware that there is nothing normal about these “ice storms” left to deal with the damages?

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