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PART II OF "The Greed Machine, Global Warming, and Earth's ever steepening Downhill Spiral" edited in; see below.

By hkugler at July 8, 2016, 7:59 p.m., 28686 hits

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“Earth has had it.”
Stephen Hawking

By Hans J. Kugler, PhD, with Beverly Berwald, and IAAM research staff, . For interviews, radio, TV appearances, speaking engagements, direct contact click on “Anti-Aging Expert” at this site.

Highly recommended: “THE PEOPLE vs GREED”, Book by Joseph W. Cotchett; available at; A TRUE EYE-OPENER!

We publish this News Release in the spirit of July 4th as advocates of Earth’s independence from the pseudo-science of the Greed Machine. Pure and simple, this Voodoo is being pushed down our throats by special interests with all their manipulative, indirect threat/blackmail: “Carbon profits sustained, or we let earth go down the universal drain.”

Let’s take a look at the greed-based catastrophe that’s already been set in motion: Earth once had two air conditioners, the ice masses at the Arctic and Antarctic. The cooled air at these opposite poles, together with earth’s rotation and a large amount of the sun’s energy being reflected back into space by the arctic ice, has determined well-defined worldwide temperatures and weather patterns. Now, with the arctic ice masses gone, new – devastating – weather patterns have started to evolve. AMEG – , the arctic methane emergency group – had warned the world about the coming risks as early as 2011, but the Greed Machine of special interest$ planted bogu$ arguments to confuse the issues, and nothing has been done to counter this devastation. Now the same ignoramuses, unaffected by ongoing scientific facts - - THAT PERMAFROST AREAS ARE THAWING, AND RELEASING MEGATONS OF GW-ACCELERATING METHANE INTO THE ATMOSPHERE, BRINGING EARTH A GIANT STEP CLOSER TO NO RETURN, A PERMIAN-LIKE EARTH EXTINCTION - - are at it again, sabotaging the life of the planet.

With the science of Global Warming (GW) clearly established, and the path to dealing with the problem (extreme CO2 excesses) well defined, one would expect that the countermeasures taken would be science-based, logical, and in agreement with what the top experts (IPCC, Academia experts, NASA) deem necessary.

But, apparently, logic stops here, and the Greed Machine of special interests takes over.

Even though scientists have already made it clear that taking effective countermeasures to reverse GW have to be swift, and that delaying actions would GREATLY worsen the problems, accelerating the downhill spiral to a point of no return, with costs increasing to an unaffordable $ 60+ trillion; University of Cambridge; . With all of this now confirmed, what is actually being done? NOTHING because of (covertly, “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW”) special interest-dictated, greed-based delays based upon Voodoo science that violates the principles of thermodynamics. The “ACTIONS” taken are based on inferior, gimmicky, apprentice-type thinking that suggest that our world is run by TGBs and TFIs (Totally Greedy Bastards and Totally Fumbling Ignoramuses), with no oversight because our “leaders” are incompetent, ill-informed and indifferent to the fate of this planet. (There are stronger words than Fumbling and Ignoramuses but I will refrain. Suffice it to say, these same “leaders” are concerned more about whoring for dollars than the future of Earth.)

The actions that are being taken – Geoengineering/WeatherModification/SRM (Solar Radiation Management); high altitude spraying of toxic Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Thallium (“to lay a shield against some sun energy from reaching earth”) – are counter-productive in that they already have (what scientists had dreaded) caused the extreme arctic ice losses and, with this brainless and idiotic Voodoo, have brought us a giant step closer to a Permian-like, methane-caused earth extinction. Why? With the arctic ice gone permafrost areas are thawing and releasing megatons of Global Warming-accelerating methane into the atmosphere., and, , documenting the severity of methane release. Atrocities are caused by the geoengineering “solutions” proposed by these dunces, in all of their pretenses to being scientific. But, truly when you banish their smoke and mirrors, when you see it for what it is: no more than a special interest blackmail with a tune that goes something like this: “Carbon profits sustained, or we let earth go down the universal drain,” the truth is undeniable, the evidence irrefutable:

1. The gone-awry weather modification decimated the S-Dakota cattle industry by killing 20,000 cattle in an hour-long ice storm, followed by killing 20,000 to 30,000 dairy cows and cattle in Texas in another ice storm, and was described in detail in PART II of The extreme urgency to expose the covert Geoengineering “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW” atrocities. We’d bet you never heard about these blunders on your regular news channel (?)

2. The devastating, ever increasing, wildfires and firestorms in California and (at this time) 9 other states, are CLEARLY worsened, if not triggered, by the aluminum in the weather modification and SRM sprays. With droughts already a key risk factor in wildfires, the aluminum, even in small amounts, reduces water uptake by trees, and make kindling out of them. Right along with the increase in spraying, large wildfires (1,000+ acres) in the US have doubled from 12,000/year to 24,000+/year, and this even BEFORE we hit the wildfire season.

3. Worldwide destructive hurricanes/floods/disasters have nothing – absolutely zilch – to do with normal weather patterns. Any pilot, having to learn about weather/clouds will confirm that chemtrail-associated “clouds” are synthetic and abnormal.

Sadly enough, in attempting to find ANY justification for these scientifically brainless and illogical Geoengineering actions, in search of a common denominator, one is stuck with only one – actually biblical – interpretation, namely that all of this has boiled down to a simple truth: a battle of the Light against the Dark, i.e. Good versus Evil.

“If earth’s destruction and elimination of life on it was the # 1 goal, we would be doing exactly what geoengineering is doing now.” –Unanimous consensus among health professionals at a discussion about anti-aging modalities.

However, we are not the only ones coming to this conclusion. Pope Francis gave hints, and genuinely brilliant, though, down-to-earth scientists see no other alternative.
At they discuss the Law of Right Action, requiring mankind's behavior to be rational, honest and morally right. If we could get corporations and politicians to act in alignment with the Law of Right Action instead of deferring to their Quick-Buck Mentality, we could have a better world, and Earth’s future could be secured.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” John F. Kennedy, Edmund Burke, R. Murray Hyslop, Charles F. Aked, John Stuart Mill.

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#1 - July 8, 2016, 7:59 p.m.
Hans J. Kugler, PhD


16+ responses to this post focused on the arctic ice losses as cause of reaching earth’s point of no return; the downhill spiral accelerating faster than what is being balanced with various (reducing CO2 production, solar panel effectiveness, reversing deforestation, sequestering CO2 via back to holistic land management, other) countermeasures.
BUT APPARENTLY THE OVERALL PICTURE, the truly irresponsible, earth-destructing, pseudoscientific voodoo of Geoengineering (SRM Solar Radiation Management, weather manipulation) - - pushed by the greedy special interests in placing sustaining profits as determining priority, and giving a hoot about putting this planet on a No-Return downhill path, come hell, earth extinction or high water (literally) - - WAS NOT FULLY UNDERSTOOD. Even though we had previously published the interaction of the various aspects in the arctic ice losses, this bottom-line interaction is most important, and we therefore review it herewith.

When pinpointing the cause(s) of the devastating changes in earth’s climate/weather, there are 4 specific areas that all contribute, and each one in a very specific way:

1) The most basic effect of earth having two air conditioners - the ice masses at the Arctic and Antarctic – was to establish well-defined temperature and weather patterns. With one air conditioner (the Arctic ice mass) gone, new, devastating, patterns start to evolve.

To sustain/ScrewUp the worldwide weather patterns, the degree of reflecting incoming solar energy back into space are the next 3 determining factors:

2) The large arctic land ice mass: Previously calculated to last until at least 2050, AMEG’s calculations/warnings - starting as long ago as 2008 – showed that the melting of this ice mass (connected to the geoengineering VooDoo, high altitude spraying of Al, Ba, Sr, Tl) occurred at an unprecedented rate of (US study) 350 cubic miles/year, and (German study) 500 cubic km/year. EVEN THOUGH SCIENTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD (IPCC, every MAJOR UNIVERSITY – US, Russia, Germany, England) CONFIRMED THE DATA and URGENCY EXPRESSED BY AMEG – - TO QUICKLY FOCUS ON COOLING THE ARCTIC – WENT UNHEEDED. The sad reality - - THAT GREEDY SPECIAL INTEREST LUNATICS, to sustain profits, HAD THE POWER TO PREVENT URGENTLY NEEDED GW COUNTERMEASURES, unopposed by government departments/experts that knew better (but probably tinkled in their pants at the thought of opposing this powerful dark side, or loosing bribes(?); what else could be an explanation for such extreme governmental ignorance(?) - - triggered independent researchers, and organizations like ours, to get involved, and take a stand.

3) The sea ice - that forms during winter; normally 3 m thick, decreasing to a few inches due to raised ocean temperature, and easily broken up by ocean waves – used to be a key in reflecting incoming sun energy back into space; effectiveness now reduced to a mere few percent.
Previously the combined pristine land and sea ice masses reflected as much as 90% of incoming sun energy back in to space.

4) Black soot, from burning carbon fuels, further reduced reflection of sun energy back into space.

Even though AMEG warned – pleaded – repeatedly, showing calculations, addressed nations worldwide, with an emergency call to worldwide leaders, pinpointing/predicting the total arctic ice losses to September of 2015, the special (carbon, in cahootz with GMO) interests kept planting bogus anti-climate change arguments and nothing got done. This is very similar to the 60tieth tobacco industry’s denial of health effects due to smoking. THIS PHONY, DISHONEST, INDUSTRY MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!

A) EARTH WITH ONLY ONE AIR CONDITIONER; the devastating changes in climate patters – tornadoes, extreme weather/temperature changes, floods, ice storms, droughts, wildfires, decreases in agriculture production, famine, and more disasters everywhere.
B) Ever accelerating ocean death, reefs dying, ocean life disappearing, toxic algae blooms,
C) Earth’s ever increasing temperature; The 90% of sun energy that used to be reflected by the Arctic ice masses - - equivalent to 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs PER SECOND, or 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day - - now goes straight into warming oceans and land masses.
D) Permafrost areas thawing and releasing megatons of Global Warming accelerating methane into the atmosphere.

Is it possible that the same special interest pseudoscientific lunatics - - laws-of-thermodynamics-violating, science facts-denying, science ignoramuses - - HOT AIR GEOENGINEERING APPRENTICES THAT GOT US INTO THIS MESS, are still in decision-making positions, still spraying us - COVERTLY – “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KNOW” - with disease inducing, earth-poisoning toxins? WHO WOULD, EVER, AUTHORIZE SUCH VOODOO? Or is it simply kept covert because they can’t find any scientist who would allow his/her name to be associated with such special interest VooDoo?

Please take a few minutes to confirm these facts with the point-by-point accounts at these sites, and then – hopefully – get involved in exposing these farces; addresses and e-mails of government representatives are easily found with internet searches.

GOD BLESS! Documenting the illogic in Geoengineering . THE most important site. Confirmed AMEG predictions. Energy equivalents, methane risks. Overview, from Global Warming to applied health, anti-aging. . Predictions by Cambridge scientists; delays will increase costs of countermeasures to an unaffordable 60 trillion. . Geoengineering atrocities exposed, confirmed from every angle

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