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Recently had any strange, weird, dreams, "like being on an LSD trip"?

By hkugler at July 10, 2016, 3:06 a.m., 20178 hits

With Unusual symptoms in airline crew/passengers – inflammation, allergies, flu-like - connected to the toxins in Chemtrail/SRM sprays (1), the ingredients/toxins in the sprays analyzed (2), and hour-long discussions with colleagues about how best to protect yourself from the toxins in the sprays, I decided to have my house tight and closed up at night, with 3 air purifiers (2 with HEPA filters, one with activated charcoal) running all night.

On July 5, late night, while on a radio interview, I had opened the balcony door just a few inches, but forgot to close it when I went to sleep later on. During this night I had the strangest, weirdest dreams, reminding me of how people described being on an LSD trip.
After breakfast, stopping by at a colleague’s office, I mentioned that I had this strange dream and, truly baffled, 3 of the 5 people I was talking to responded “Me too, me too, very realistic, like being on an LSD trip.” Asking around, within an hour we had 12 more people with similar, truly weird, dreams. And, interestingly enough, everybody who had such a dream – some described it as “almost a nightmare” – had windows open at night, inhaling the outside air.

With the great variety of ingredients - - mostly Al, Ba, Sr, Tl, aerosols, but also various different organic substances (2) - - in the sprays: ,Aluminum disease-inducing (Alzheimers, Autism), and highly toxic to tree metabolism (slowing down water uptake and becoming kindling; now connected to the ever increasing number of wildfires), and higher levels of Al killing trees, our first line of defense against excess CO2 levels (see predictions by forestry departments “within 20 years half of all trees worldwide will be dead”), and other spray ingredients having thousands of other effects on human health (3, 4). Example: Do a Medline – NIH database – search for “Toxic effects of Aluminum and/or Barium and/or strontium on human and/or plant health” and get 26,000+ references.

QUESTION: If anybody had strange, weird, dreams as described above, please respond to , and tell us if this happened while breathing outside air, and/or if there was chemtrail spraying visible in the sky.

While more and more data suggest that the covert Geoengineering/SRM/WeatherModification might be the special-interest-initiated, ineffective, earth-destructing, blunder of our times (4), we suggest to stay informed.


(2) See “analytical data.”

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