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What are the REAL causes of - obscenely - skyrocketed Health Care costs; presently at about $ 20,000/year for a 2-children working family?

By hkugler at Oct. 27, 2016, 3:58 p.m., 28482 hits

Isn't life easy? - - - you are either a winner or a loser, a genius or an idiot - - - depending on which (Republican or Democrat, rightist or leftist, conservative or liberal) ignoramus defines you. Can we - PLEASE - leave the Right or Left, Republican or Democrat, ElToroPooPoo out of it when pinpointing REAL problems, and REAL rip-offs, in the Health Care Programs that induce Alzheimers, Autism, inflammation, and at least 6 heart/sugar-related diseases/conditions?

Certainly NOT an Obama follower, we need to acknowledge WHAT key factors determine/cause the high health care cost - - - at this time nearly $ 20,000/year for a 2-children working family.

a) A key factor in keeping health care costs down are generic drugs, demonstrated in THIS report:
HealthCareSavingsWithGenerics - - - without the price gouging.
AND SUDDENLY A SPECIAL INTEREST - big pharma - STARTED TO RAISE GENERIC DRUG PRICES BY UP TO (guess what?) 22,000+ percent, sky-rocketing Obamacare, health care costs.
How can they do this? Wouldn't people say “screw this, I'll by my drugs from Mexico, Canada, Germany”?
Well, TO TAKE THIS RIGHT AWAY FROM YOU, the drug companies - - oh these nice, with their drugs life-saving greedy money makers - - stimulated (- with chocolate chips? Not really; guess with what? - ) our Congress to pass laws “to protect US business”, in essence making it illegal for you to buy your drugs elsewhere, thus protecting big pharma's profits via price gouging - - even elaborated on by NEJM.

b) In March of 2012 - led by a scientist who I respect very much, Dr. Robert Lustig, MD, U. CA, San Francisco, four researchers from our top universities appeared on “60 Minutes” to call attention to an uncorrected medical blunder - - the seventieth advice to lower fat calories from 40 to 30% to reduce heart disease, and to slow weight gains, THUS REVERSING THE “US FAT AND FATTER’ HEALTH DISASTER. The key message from all four experts was this: at the present level of sugar/HFCS intake – 140 lbs/year/person - Sugar is toxic, addictive like cocaine, and a Metabolic Syndrome - cancer, hypertension, CHD, and five other disorders - risk factor, and that there is an extreme urgency to update the US dietary guidelines, and alerting people to the extreme dangers of excessive sugar/HFCS intakes.

Even though scientists from every major university – from MIT, to Michigan U., Harvard, SUNY Stony Brook, Princeton – have published confirming data, government nutritional guidelines are so vague, AND ARE NOT BEING UPDATED AS PER SCIENCE FACTS, that informed scientists keep suggesting that politics – special interests, from big pharma, to food manufacturers, fast food interests, and others, come hell, a US health care disaster, along with an increase in 8 major diseases – are dictating government actions, and is the driving force behind this public health disaster, AND – even worse – not correcting this blunder ADDS ANOTHER - MINIMUM $ 65 BILLION - TO NATIONAL HEALTH CARE.
Medical blunders guaranteeing steep declines in US health – sustained by Washington’s infection with the special interest virus.

c) And now take into account Baylor Medical College’s: “We know that 80%-90% of those costs are a direct result of the (wrong) lifestyle choices of American’s.” MEANING THAT GOOD HEALTH EDUCATION (as practiced by us/IAAM ) - - UPDATE, RE-WRITE, OF US DIETARY GUIDELINES PREVENTED BY THE SPECIAL INTERESTS - - COULD FURTHER GREATLY REDUCE HEALTH CARE COSTS - - bringing annual health care costs for a 2-children working family to as low as below $ 8,000 or even less.

d) And - - oh God, do I dare - - mention the increases in diseases caused by the lack of taking effective countermeasures to Climate Change, urged by, and predicted by, AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group), and confirmed by NASA and University GW scientists? With the lack of countermeasures, prevented by the carbon bullies (1) the same apprentice ignoramuses are, apparently, left in charge of taking INEFFECTIVE, SCIENTIFICALLY BRAINLESS, FRANKENSTEIN-TYPE, DISEASE-INDUCING,
countermeasures - Geoengineering, see .

(1) Drexel U confirms/exposes carbon industry placing BOGUS anti-climate change arguments

For more applied science facts re. countermeasures to the - high altitude geoengineering spraying - of toxins check out p. 3 at .

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