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Healthplex Expo / Natural & Nutraceutical Products Shenzhen 2023

By HNCEXPO at Sept. 24, 2023, 4:50 a.m., 2227 hits

The health sector in China is experiencing unprecedented growth. A variety of factors, including extended life expectancy, an aging population and higher demands for quality of life have driven China's healthcare market to become the second largest in the world. As the core engine of the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen has taken the lead in the country to introduce a series of policies and is giving full play to its resource gathering effect to boost the rapid development of health industry in South China.

“Healthplex Expo / Natural & Nutraceutical Products Shenzhen 2023” (HNC Shenzhen), organized by CCCMHPIE and Sinoexpo Informa Markets, will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center during December 14-16, 2023. Combined with regional characteristics, HNC Shenzhen will rely on the experience and international influence of its original exhibition “Healthplex Expo / Natural & Nutraceutical Products China” (HNC Shanghai) to integrate industry resources and widely recruit professional buyers such as distributors, agents, E-commerce & WeChat-businesses, retail stores, supermarket & pharmacy chains.

In 2023, HNC Shenzhen will also be co-located with related exhibitions including Hi & Fi Asia-China and Hotelex, considered as a comprehensive procurement platform integrating food, catering, hotel, household, health, etc., sharing 200,000+ sqm exhibition area, 2,000+ exhibitors and 200,000+ global buyers.


Nutritional & Health Food
Functional foods, dietary supplements, sports nutrition products, health supplements products, vitamins, protein powder, fish oil products, grape seed capsules, spiro Spirulina, health care wine/tea, OEM/ODM, etc.

Diet Therapy & TCM
Therapeutic and medicinal products, OTC Chinese medicine, ginseng products, cordyceps sinensis, ganoderma lucidum, antrodia cinnamomea, donkey-hide gelatin, special medical food, green algae products, bee products, aloe vera products, fungus products, etc.

Beauty & Skin Care
Beauty oral liquids, cosmeceuticals, functional beauty products, anti-aging products, beauty SPA products, breast enhancement and body care, weight loss and slimming, spot and acne removal, detoxification and skin care, medical beauty products, etc.

Healthy Cosmetics
Natural, organic, green and plant-derived cosmetics and raw materials, anti-aging, soothing, nourishing, repairing, sunscreen, freckle removing, whitening, anti-hair loss and other functional raw materials and cosmetics, mild, non-irritating and safe cosmetic raw materials and finished products, corresponding efficacy and safety testing techniques, etc.

Maternity & Baby Care
Maternity, baby and children’s health products, nutrition products, postpartum rehabilitation institutions, medical maternity centers, maternity health-related management systems and designs, beauty and skin care, etc.

Health Equipment & Supply
Home medical instruments, massage apparatus, Chinese medicine physical therapy equipment, moxa products and moxibustion equipment, foot therapy, personal care products, family first aid products, health check-ups, rehabilitation training machines, sports and recreation equipment, intelligent medical products, third-party testing, etc.

Hydrogen Products
Hydrogen-Rich Drinking Water & Materials, Hydrogen Water Generator, Hydrogen Generator, Hydrogen Dispenser, Hydrogen Medical Supplies, Beauty Products, Packaging Materials, Hydrogen Product Supporting Services, etc.


International Brand Zone
The show will attract overseas enterprises bringing their leading brands from many countries and regions. In addition, numbers of new products will also make their debuts, helping enterprises to fully demonstrate their brand management concepts, expand domestic trade channels, establish their brand image, and have insights into the opportunities of health market in South China.

Anti-Aging & Beauty Zone
This zone converges popular products, technologies and raw materials related to anti-aging beauty products, facial masks, plant essential oils, botanical washes, aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine skin care, etc.

Maternity & Baby Care Zone
This zone features a selection of maternity, baby and children’s health food, milk powder, complementary food, natural and organic food, children’s dietary supplements, maternity and baby institutions and services, etc.

Hydrogen Product Zone
This year, the organizer specially set up the Hydrogen Product Zone, which is dedicated to digging deep into the needs of the health industry in South China and helping brand companies start a new era of growth.

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※ 2023 International Health and Beauty Innovation Summit
※ Seminar on Innovation and Development of Health Food
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