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Sugar addictive like cocaine, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and metablic syndrome risk factor.

By hkugler at Oct. 25, 2015, 10:22 p.m., 25943 hits

Robert Lustig, Cal. U, San Francisco, sugar is addictive. See also YouTUBE “Sugar, the bitter truth.”
Kimber Stanhope, Cal. Davis, HFCS heart disease risk factor: increases LDL.
Lewis Cutley, Harvard, cancer cells have insulin receptors and thrive on sugar.
Eric Stice, Oregon Research Institute: Sugar addictive, very much like cocaine. Sugar hitting the tongue fires up reward regions in the brain; euphoric effect. Like drugs, builds up tolerance, and you need more and more sugar to stimulate reward regions and get euphoric effect.

Soon to come:
“GMOs, Frankenstein revisited.” If you live in California, please get involved with the “Label GMOs” initiative.

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lance roll

Sugar is yum to taste but it have certain side effects :
Sugar makes your organs fat.
Provoke your body for diabetes.
Promotes cholesterol chaos.