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AASCP Delegates Meet With The Governor General Of The Bahamas

4 years, 6 months ago

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Posted on Oct 17, 2019, 3 p.m.

Delegates from the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians recently traveled to the Bahamas to meet with the Governor General Sir Cornelius Alvin Smith to discus medical industry safety standards. 

While in the Bahamas the delegates attended a 3 day regenerative health summit for educators, experts, professionals and learners where in doctors from all over the world arrived to discuss the future of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. 

Dr. Krutchkoff announced the launch of the AASCP’s Research Consortium dedicated to supporting research to validate therapies and promote compliance within the industry. During the HEALinc Summit Dr. Farschian and Dr. Krutchoff, the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians delegates, held a workshop to teach physicians about a pathway to compliance when utilizing cell therapies in their practices. 

The AASCP was created to advance research and the development of therapeutics in regenerative medicine, and aims to serve as an educational resource for scientists, physicians, and the public in diseases that can be caused by physiological dysfunction that are ameliorable to medical treatment. 

The HEALinc Summit was organized by Dr. Desiree Cox, CEO of the HEALinc Future of Health Innovation Summit and The HEALinc Innovation Incubator which is a movement based organization with a mandate to champion a future health paradigm where medical therapy is driven by personal health and regenerative medicine by incorporating ongoing, real world capture, predictive analytics, and education. 

Dr. Cox currently chairs the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee for the Bahamas, and has been leading health innovation and the development of the stem cell and regenerative industry since 2015 in the Bahamas which is a “ fast track test bed” for real world studies in stem cell, regenerative medicine, and medical devices among others. 

During the HEALinc Summit leading international experts spoke on hot topics in stem cell therapy, longevity and vitality, regeneration, resilience and adaptability, precision health, epigenetic and nutrition, personal wellness and optimal health, regenerative ventures/investment and much more. 

"Within the Bahamas, health innovations in cellular and gene therapies, regenerative medicine, precision medicine and digital health can be tested ethically and safely in a regulated environment, so that the data obtained from the research can be used in later applications for FDA or EMA approval,” says Dr. Cox.

Dr. AJ Farshchian, spokesperson for AASCP said, "It was a great honor meeting the Governor General in the Bahamas. We discussed safety standards currently practiced in the industry and how to improve the industry moving forward." 

Dr. Adam Shwani, a member of the board for the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians, added, "It is so important to bring industry partners together from all over the world to develop a standard that promotes patient safety and encourages growth in the field of regenerative medicine.”

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