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Apple Peel Compound May Help to Combat Weight Gain

11 years, 11 months ago

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Posted on Jul 18, 2012, 6 a.m.

Ursolic acid, a compound found in apple peel, helps to increase calories burned, in a lab animal model.

Previously, studies have suggested that ursolic acid, a compound found in apple peel, increases muscle mass and strength, in a laboratory animal model.  Christopher M Adams, from the University of Iowa (Iowa, USA), and colleagues have observed that ursolic acid increases muscle and brown fat mass in mice fed a high-fat diet. The researchers revealed that mice supplemented with ursolic acid in addition to a high-fat shall burn more calories and have a reduced incidence of obesity, prediabetes, and fatty liver disease, as compared to mice that did not receive a supplement. Reporting that: " These data support a model in which ursolic acid reduces obesity, glucose intolerance and fatty liver disease by increasing skeletal muscle and brown fat,", the study authors submit that: "ursolic acid [may be] a potential therapeutic approach for obesity and obesity-related illness.”

Steven D. Kunkel, Christopher J. Elmore, Kale S. Bongers, Scott M. Ebert, Daniel K. Fox, Christopher M Adams, et al.  “Ursolic Acid Increases Skeletal Muscle and Brown Fat and Decreases Diet-Induced Obesity, Glucose Intolerance and Fatty Liver Disease.”  PLoS ONE, 20 June 2012.

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