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Beneficial Black Garlic

5 years ago

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Posted on Mar 12, 2018, 12 a.m.

Addition of black garlic to dishes will give it a unique flavour profile, this special culinary ingredient also has some impressive health benefits.


Black garlic is not easy to produce, but use of black garlic has been in other countries for centuries. Black garlic is made primarily by exposing unpeeled garlic to extended periods of humidity and heat, which causes some of the compounds in garlic to break down, when this occurs over time they provide garlic with a more savory flavour that is more reminiscent of cooked onions with a sweet element that develops if prepared properly.


Black garlic has a few nutritional differences than that of white garlic. Black garlic can be rather costly due to the difficulty in producing it, making it not the most common ingredient to find. Black garlic is commonly used in high end culinary dishes. Black garlic provides a variety of unique health benefits, it can be consumed on its own, ground into a powder, infused into oils, minced into glazes and sauce, or diced to add to vegetable dishes, Black garlic has a muted flavour in comparison to white garlic, so it must be used in larger amounts to make an impact in most dishes.


Health benefits of black garlic include the ability to protect against chronic disease, boost heart health, regulate diabetes, boost immunity, and help prevent cancer. Concentrations of allicin and S-allycysteine levels can be increased by heating, improving the bioavailability of allicin which is the active ingredient in garlic.


S-allycysteine forms when garlic is blackened. S-allycysteine has been shown to directly impact formation of cancerous cells in the body more effectively than white garlic. Making this specialty item a perfect choice for both an exotic diet and a way to boost health.


High concentrations of allicin make it effective at regulating blood sugar levels. Active ingredients in black garlic help to slow the release of insulin to the body, which is important for people with diabetes or those at risk for its development.


The amino acid homocysteine found in the body can damage blood vessels walls and compromise cardiovascular health, studies have found that black garlic is good at reducing homocysteine levels in the blood helping to protect heart health.


Black garlic is known for the beneficial impacts on the immune system. It is known to boost the immune system strength and help to prevent a variety of viral and bacterial infections, and is good for cleaning out the respiratory system and digestive tract.


One of the most powerful antioxidants that can added to any diet is allicin. Black garlic has even higher concentrations of allicin than that of white garlic, it can boost your defenses against chronic diseases and oxidative stress just by simply adding this toasted spice to your diet.


Black garlic is associated with increasing circulation by producing hydrogen sulfide. Sulfuric compounds contained within black garlic are known to help regulate blood pressure and help to ensure resource and oxygen delivery to the extremities.


Black garlic is used in traditional medicines as well as white garlic to help stimulate sex drive. Metabolism boosting properties of the black garlic’s antioxidants can have an impact on energy levels, blood flow, and other factors critical to libido and activity.


You can make black garlic at home, but you will require specialized equipment and it is a time consuming and lengthy process taking in excess of 250 hours per 6-8 bulbs, which is why most buy black garlic from specialty stores.



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