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Blueberries Linked To Blood Pressure, Memory & Anti-Aging Benefits

2 years, 1 month ago

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Posted on Jul 31, 2019, 5 p.m.

Many studies have previously associated blueberries with various health benefits, these berries appear to contain the highest content of anti-aging antioxidants as well as other phytochemicals that may help to lower blood pressure, improve memory, and make aging a healthier process. 

The Journals of Gerontology, Series A:Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences recently published several studies (5) investigating the different health effects associated with eating blueberries including changes in memory, inflammation, and avoiding age-related diseases. 

One study suggests eating one cup of blueberries each day may help to decrease systolic blood pressure, and improve blood vessel function; benefits were linked to anthocyanin phytochemical content within the berries. 

Among older adults a link was found between consuming blueberries and improved cognitive function and memory in these studies; one of which suggests the antioxidant capacity and polyphenols composition found in blueberries may be the catalyst for improved episodic memory in older subjects who had poor memory performance. 

An association was also found between eating blueberries and other health benefits such as reduced inflammation, and potentially assisting the aging process to be more healthier without developing diseases that typically can occur with age. 

In the past, other research has found similar benefits to be linked with blueberries which is why they have earned the nickname of super fruit. Blueberries also contain high levels of phenols and other beneficial compounds that add a punch to their effects. 

Blueberries are commonly available in fresh and frozen produce, as well as being available as an herbal tea. They make an easy addition to a smoothie, salad, or just a quick snack. 

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