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Clinic Becomes The First To Use Ozone Therapy In Spain

4 years ago

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Posted on Apr 16, 2020, 6 p.m.

For the first time since the state of alarm was enforced there were no new COVID-19 deaths in the Balearic Islands on April 10, 2020 as an Ibiza clinic became the first to use Ozone Therapy in Spain: according to officials over half of those infected have won their battles.

The Spain Ministry of Health has revealed that the number of those cured has finally overtaken the number of active COVID-19 cases in the region, and according to officials over half of those infected have recovered from the virus. 

On April 10, 2020 eighty patients were given the virus free all clear from healthcare professionals which brought the total number of cured to 696 leaving 663 active cases. On this day the region also saw one of its better days in regards to numbers of new infections only reporting 36 people testing positive for COVID-19. 

The arrival of over 10,000 rapid response test kits from China will help the Government of the Balearic Islands to conduct more testing to get a better representation of the outbreak in the region. The region is at a critical point, and officials there are continuing to stress the importance of citizens maintaining the lock down to ensure there is not a resurgence of cases. 

In asking the citizens to continue due diligence and not to “ignore the rules learned to continue the downward trend in infections,” officials are citing Singapore as an example as the country’s relaxation of restrictions appears to have allowed the virus to resurface. 

The Nuestra Senora del Rosario Polyclinic Hospital in Ibiza has been conducting studies using ozone therapy to treat COIVD-19 with reported success; this is the first medical centre in the country to use the alternative therapy, and it is revealing seeing improvements after only 2-3 sessions. 

A press release states: “Many patients who were about to be intubated and connected to mechanical ventilation have, thanks to ozone therapy, not only avoided it but improved to the point of not requiring oxygen with just a few treatment sessions.” 

“In Spain, only we have begun to administer it with the mandatory authorisation of the Quality Committee of the hospital centre, and the results have been spectacular,” says Dr. Alberto Hernández, Assistant Physician for Anaesthesia and Resuscitation at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic in Ibiza. “We have registered a clinical trial, but we need to tell the world that Ozone is a very effective and beneficial therapy in these patients and that we must immediately incorporate it into the treatment of these patients.”

This therapy has already undergone trials in Italy and China to investigate the possibility of improving the body’s intake and use of oxygen by using ozone to disinfect and treat conditions as well as activate the immune system. 

36 COVID-19 patients with pneumonia and respiratory failure were administered ozone therapy at the Santa Maria della Misericordia University Hospital in Udine; compared to the usual 15% only 3% required intubation, according to Dr. De Monte who added that the ozone infusion helped to strengthen patient response to the effects of the infection. 

Dr. José Baeza, President of the Spanish Society of Ozone Therapy and Vice President of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy, states that “given the absence of an effective treatment or a vaccine and in the context of the current health emergency. All hospitalised patients should receive Ozone therapy as the clear benefit is evident, and Ozone therapy has no significant side effects.”

In China there are also 4 clinical trials underway investigating ozone therapy, thus far provisional results are indicating that ozone therapy has been effective in both preventing and controlling this virus. 

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