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Harnessing Wellness With Niagen Supplements

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Posted on Sep 21, 2023, 3 p.m.

We all want to stay in good shape and remain happy as we age. Sadly, this isn't always the case, as aging affects our well-being in many ways, from how we think and act to relating with others. The good news is that there’s a solution in the form of making healthful lifestyle changes and possibly considering certain anti-aging supplements. Niagen is a promising anti-aging supplement that may help to enhance your health and well-being.

To many people, this antioxidant-rich supplement is a superhero regarding anti-aging supplements. The antioxidants help to renew the body’s fight against harmful free radicals that damage cells. This way, Niagne helps stall aging while making you feel better.

Niagen stands above the pack because it's one of the regulated dietary supplements. Only drugs, biologics, and certain medical devices can be FDA-approved, and supplements are not classified as drugs by the FDA. However, Tru Niagen® has been successfully notified to the FDA as both a New Dietary Ingredient and GRAS (generally recognized as safe). The thumbs-up reassures users that the product is safe and effective. This is supported by the numerous clinical trials that show its safety and efficiency in increasing NAD+ levels.

Now, we’ll delve into the essential steps you can take to leverage Niagen supplements and improve your wellness:

Buy from A Reputable Niagen Seller

The first step to harnessing wellness with Niagen is to ensure you buy a high-quality Niagen supplement from a reputable seller. Like with other ingestible products, purity is important. The last thing you want is to use subpar products from less-known companies that place little emphasis on production standards.

But what makes a reputable company? Here are some of the things you can look at to determine if you can rely on the seller:

  • Check their production and quality maintenance standards
  • Look for third-party lab testing
  • Check proper labeling
  • Look for sellers with professional websites
  • Use sellers with responsive and helpful customer care
  • Choose a seller with the necessary certifications, such as NSF certification

In matters of your health, there is no room for mistakes. Invest in research to ensure that you end up with quality regulated and approved products. FDA acts as a watchdog, giving you confidence in the products; however, be sure to do your due diligence to end up with premium products that provide you with peace of mind.

Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

Diving headfirst into Niagen supplements is tempting due to its alleged effectiveness in delaying the signs of aging. However, sitting down with your healthcare provider first is crucial. Doctors can assess your health needs and provide trustworthy advice.

Before recommending it, your doctor will examine your health conditions to determine if Niagen is ideal. They will also consider your ongoing medications, if any, and evaluate possible interactions.

Once cleared to use Niagen, go for checkups regularly, especially if you encounter adverse effects. While there are no known severe side effects of Niagen, it helps to track your progress and maintain your well-being. Several studies have investigated NR doses between 1,000 to 2000 mg, in those studies side effects were rare and included bloating, flushing, nausea, and upset stomach.

Complement Niagen Supplements with a Balanced Diet

Certain supplements can work wonders, but not without adjusting your lifestyle to be more healthful, which includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. A healthy diet incorporating all the vital nutrients and minerals will enhance the effectiveness of the supplements.

A balanced diet could contain lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to meet your body’s nutrient needs while avoiding processed foods. In this case, you can gain more from your Niagen supplements by adding foods rich in NAD+ precursors such as meat, fish, and milk are like boosters that synergize with the supplement to improve your well-being.

Embrace Healthy Lifestyle Practices

If you can, maximize your supplements with healthy lifestyle practices for an all-round wellness plan. A counterintuitive lifestyle will only slow the results even if the supplements work.

According to Mental Health America, you need three things for a holistic approach to health and well-being:

  • Adequate 7-9 hours sleep: The role of sleep in enhancing our overall well-being can’t be underestimated. The body needs enough rest to repair and rejuvenate. Developing a regular sleep pattern will ensure you reap the full benefits of Niagen supplements.
  • Regular exercise: Physical activity is equally important in enhancing the effects of Niagen. So, engage in exercises at least 30 minutes a day to improve muscle strength, blood circulation, and mental health.
  • Stress management: Effective techniques are necessary for managing chronic stress that can eat up the profession gained from using Niagen supplements. Try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation, spend time with loved ones, or in nature to distress and synergize relaxation with the Niagen’s effects.

Simply taking any supplement without adjusting your lifestyle to be more healthful won’t be of much help. Consider Niagen as one of the partners you need to enhance your well-being. When you are exercising, getting good rest, and proper stress management, this collaborates well with Niagen to realize the full potential of a happier life.

Don't Be in a Rush- Results Take Time

When it comes to wellness, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. While some marketers might wow you with such misleading promises, it's not the reality. Niagen is a long-term investment, and the key to enjoying the full benefits is exercising patience and being consistent with your intake.

Some people can be tempted to exceed the recommended dosage to stimulate results, this is not advisable as it could lead to undesired effects. Additionally, you must avoid comparing yourself with others since no two people will experience the same effects.

Once you get your supplements, adhere to the recommended dosage. The dosage could vary from one person to another as well due to factors such as health conditions and different goals. Always read the labels properly and seek help in case you need clarification.


Niagen supplements may be a valuable partner when embarking on a journey to graceful aging and attaining the highest level of wellness. But if you are considering adding Niagen supplements to your routine, remember to seek professional advice and stick to the recommended doses to pursue your wellness quest safety.

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