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Modified Citrus Pectin Helps Reduce Body Burden Of Toxins

5 years, 6 months ago

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Posted on Oct 04, 2018, 4 p.m.

A deadly poison that is versatile causing damage even at low doses, so lethal only a small amount can kill, that is easily absorbed in stomach and intestines to spread out and damage skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, and more as one of the most deadly toxins in history is beginning to show up in so called healthy foods.

This toxin has no odor or colour and is almost impossible to detect that harms the body slowly and insidiously making one sicker and sicker until it’s too late. This poison has been used throughout history kill unsuspecting spouses, wealth relatives, business partners, has been implicated in the death of kings and queens and can be the murder weapon of choice to mystery writers.

The deadly toxin in question is arsenic, which is alarmingly showing up in foods deemed healthy. Rice is likely to be loaded with dangerously high levels of arsenic according to scientists from the Consumer Reports organization’s undercover investigation. 223 samples of rice products were tested by the scientists who found significant levels of arsenic in almost all of them. Even if one never eats rice that does not guarantee safety as rice flour, bran, and rice based sweeteners are in just about everything you eat such as crackers, pasta, granola bars, and energy bars.

This ends up in our food thanks to heavy use of pesticides and poultry fertilizers that contain arsenic environmental levels have increased. The USA is the world’s leading user of arsenic accumulating an astonishing average of 1.5 millions tons of the toxin each year that goes right into the soil, according to Consumer Reports. Plants such as rice soak up the toxin just like a sponge, absorbing 20 times more than other grains; organic rice soaks it up from the soil just as much so that whole food heading isn’t helping. Healthier brown rice contains even higher levels, testing showed it contained up to 80% more as arsenic builds up in bran, and brown rice is all about the bran.

Exposure to even low doses in food and water can cause breathing problems, increase risk for heart and blood sugar problems, damage lung cells, cause inflammation of heart cells, and interfere with immune cells function. Arsenic within the body has been shown by research from Dartmouth to accumulate by eating as little as a half cup of rice a day leading to 53% more arsenic being found in the body.

Rinsing rice off before you cook, and cooking it in a much larger pot of water than required helps, these precautions will help to eliminate around 40% of the arsenic. You can try to avoid consuming rice, but that is almost impossible. Arsenic isn’t the only toxin ending up in foods. Studies have shown that DDT, PCBs, mercury, and dioxins are also showing up in many foods. Each day unknowingly all of these chemicals slowly seep into the body. Eating organic food, drinking filtered water, and using natural cleaning products really helps to avoid them. Unfortunately the bottom line is that every single person has some form of contamination.

A recent study involving groups of families tested for 107 different man made toxins using blood and urine samples found every single person from oldest to youngest was contaminated with toxins; family members having the most toxins were between the ages of 58-92 with 63 different chemicals being found.

The CDC found 148 different chemicals in urine and blood samples from 2400 Americans, over a quarter of them containing benzoapryene found in vehicle exhaust, and 9 out of 10 containing a mixture of pesticides.

National Geographic tested one of their reporters for presence of 320 different chemicals and discovered levels of one flame retardant chemical was alarming high even if that person had worked in a plant that manufactured the chemical.

Mount Sinai found 167 different chemicals in urine and blood samples of volunteers with an average of 91 toxins each; finding lead, PCBS, dioxins, phthalate, and compounds banned for over 25 years.

Canned foods are a leader for sources of toxins, 85% of all can foods even organic ones are lined with a plastic coating which contains BPA that can leach out into the foods. One study analyzing 20 different brands found BPA contamination in over half of the cans tested. Over 55 commonly used medications can cause weakened memory and impair brain function, the more medications taken the stronger the effects. Over 65% of cosmetics contain toxic ingredients including aftershave, shampoos, antibacterial soaps, and deodorants which can contain over 200 different synthetic chemicals.

If you’re tired all the time, suffering from joint pain and inflammation, and brain fog this could be why. The brain and body was never designed to eliminate heavy metals and these chemicals from the body, the liver and kidneys can’t do this task easily or quickly. When the body is not able to break down and eliminate these toxins they become stored in far reaches of the liver or in fat cells. These stored toxins eventually are released allowing them to travel through the bloodstream to invade organs such as the brain, lungs, heart, and eyes. All these heavy metals and toxins can build up in tissues and joints triggering inflammation, pain, memory loss, migraines, blood pressure problems, premature brain aging, reduce libido, sexual dysfunction, blood sugar problems, vision problems, indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. These low levels of chemical build up over time and can react with each other in dangerous ways as well having even more toxic effects.

Modified citrus pectin made from the inner peel of citrus fruits is a powerful detoxing substance that has been proven in human clinical studies to help with the build up of the chemicals and toxins. In one study modified citrus pectin was given to subjects for 6 days, scientists measured amounts of toxins excreted in urine before taking and 24 hours after taking the citrus pectin. Results showed amounts of arsenic excreted increased by 130%, excretion of mercury increased 150%, amount of cadmium excreted increased by 230%, and amounts of lead excreted increased by 560%. Effects were gentle on the system with zero subjects reporting any side effects other than mild loose stools as it is a mild dietary fiber.

Modified citrus pectin was been tested on children as young as 5 years old suffering from lead poisoning, results showed that excretion of lead was increased on average over 130%. Modified citrus pectin is considered to be safer than many forms of detox as it does not deplete the body of essential mineral needed while it helps to eliminate toxic metals and chemicals. No change in levels of vital minerals were seen in any patient during the study. Modified citrus pectin can help to deep clean the body to reduce body burden of these toxins that can lead to chronic disease, interfere with capacity to recover from illness, and to help improve memory, joint pain, insomnia, energy, and more.

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