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Mushrooms Stabilize Blood Sugar

9 years, 8 months ago

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Posted on Jun 27, 2014, 6 a.m.

Consuming portabella mushrooms may help to decrease the post-meal glycemic response.

Low in calories, fat-free, and abundant in Vitamin D, mushrooms are shown to promote healthy weight and boost immune function. Peter Horvath, from the University of Buffalo (New York, USA), and colleagues explored the consumption of portabella mushrooms among healthy men and women, on glucose levels. Enrolling 8 men and women, average age 23 years, with an average body fat of 19.7%, the subjects completed 3 modified Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests (OGTTs) over a two-week period. The OGTTs were evaluated in subjects who consumed one of three drinks, each equally sweet: a 75 g glucose drink; a 75 g glucose drink with 9.5 g portabella mushroom powder; or 9.5 g portabella mushroom powder with wstevia/flavored water. Fasting and 30-minute blood samples were collected for two hours.  The data revealed that glucose levels were elevated after consumption of both the glucose-only and glucose- mushroom beverages, with levels of the latter higher in men at 30 minute, and women at 60 and 120 minutes.  Insulin levels were higher after both glucose-only and glucose-mushroom beverage consumption than after mushroom-stevia beverage consumption; as well after mushroom-stevia, insulin levels showed a more gradual decline in women.  Observing that: “Mushroom powder reduced postprandial hypoglycemia, rapid insulin decrease and elevated hunger in women compared to glucose alone,” the study authors submit that: “Mushrooms may moderate postprandial glucose related responses.”

Harry Marsales, B.T. Williams, Z.M. LaMacchia, T.C. Rideout, P.J. Horvath.  “The effect of mushroom intake on modulating post-prandial glycemic response” (647.48).   FASEB J April 2014; 28:647.48.

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