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Pucker Up And Plant A Smooch

8 months, 4 weeks ago

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Posted on Apr 22, 2018, 4 a.m.

Kissing is one the the simplest forms to express appreciation, love and affection to those around us. It may have even included kissing a few people on the cheek in polite simple greeting depending on where one is from.


People want to kiss children, babies, pets, friends, and our partners. Engaging in a mutual romantic embrace starts the heart pounding in the thrill of the moment. One may even get butterflies in the stomach, that is if you are into it. There are many obvious pleasures involved in kissing, researchers have found that there are also some major health benefits associated with the activity of locking lips.


Romantic kissing can be beneficial to the immune system. “Lust and the kissing that goes along with it” a 2005 study shows that kissing affects the body by decreasing stress levels that help promote a health state. Another study found that couple who kiss at least 9 times per day share the same microbiota in saliva, meaning together partners can have improved immune systems and less sick days.


Feel good neurotransmitters are released when canoodling which include the love hormone, oxytocin, and vasopressin, the hormone which bonds partners with one another including parents and children. Studies show that dopamine is released when kissing a loved one which affects the brain’s pleasure and reward centers.


When we hug someone with our lips passionately our heart rate increases in a healthy way similar to exercising, which can help to lower blood pressure. Blood vessels become dilated, getting blood flowing in a good solid fashion moving around to all the vital organs.


Snogging in a relationship has positive effects on stress levels. One study found that physical affection such as kissing a loved one helps to build resilience against stress, and lowers cortisol levels within the body helping to reduce inflammation and illness as a side effect.


Not the sexist benefit to kissing but nonetheless it is one, extra saliva in the mouth during a nice make out session helps to wash bacteria off of teeth. It’s not recommended to go around kissing after eating instead of brushing teeth, but for those in a relationship adding it to routine won’t hurt.


According to a study published in Western Journal Of Communication a bout of lip pecking may help to reduce cholesterol levels as it reduces cortisol levels within the body, since the two work together with cholesterol promoting higher cortisol levels. Since it is theorized a good snog can reduce blood pressure this is a logical conclusion.


If one is not sure if they will get along with the person sitting across from you, try smooching for awhile before the day is over. Kissing helps to determine potential partner suitability. Women can place more importance on a kiss than men, but not to the point where it is discounted as an important factor for compatibility.


A 2013 study “ Archives of Sexual Behavior” found the more a couple kisses in a relationship the more satisfied they are with it. It was the amount of smooches that improved the realtionship not frequency of sexual intercource interstingly enough.


Studies have shown that kissing is beneficial to health as well as relationships. Whether in a relationship or not snogging can help to keep you healthy and live with less stress, that could be enough to make anyone want to pucker up more often. What are you waiting for go ahead pucker up and kiss your mutual object of affection today, lots. * smooch smooch*


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