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Ways to Be Active That Don’t Feel Like Exercise

1 year ago

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Posted on Feb 06, 2023, 11 a.m.

Let’s face it, sometimes exercise is hard. And as we age, it can feel counterintuitive to want to exercise. However, sometimes getting tired by being active is the best way to combat feeling tired! 

Exercise is not for everyone, so finding ways to be active and not feel like exercise is important. There are plenty of different ideas to try that don’t involve picking up a pair of light weights or hitting the treadmill.

Exercise helps boost our mood and keeps our body and heart healthy. There is something out there for everyone. So let’s take a look at these exercise hacks that give us all the health benefits and keep us entertained! 

Walking With Friends or Family

One of the easiest things to do to make the time go by and get some exercise is to take a walk with friends or family. 

While you can take a walk alone, something about someone chatting with you makes time fly. But there are so many ways to do this, so let’s discuss some options. 

1. If you are going to go alone, try bringing some earphones for the walk to listen to music or a podcast that you enjoy. This takes your mind off the fact that you are walking.

2. If you have extra time, choose some beautiful scenery nearby. This also has incredible mental health benefits when one spends time out in nature.

3. Bring along your friend or family member so you can catch up, and it can distract you from all the walking you will be doing. 

These are just a few hacks to make walking more enjoyable. The more distraction you give yourself, the better the time will be. And you can count on amazing benefits like reducing anxiety and improving mood.

Play with your Dog

Playing with your dog is a fun and enjoyable way to stay active without feeling like you are exercising. Whether it's playing fetch, tug-of-war, or hide-and-seek, playing with your dog provides both physical and mental stimulation, helping to keep you and your pet in good shape. 

Additionally, playing with your dog can strengthen the bond between you and your pet, making it a great way to bond and have fun at the same time. Whether you have a small or large dog, there is a game or activity that can suit your needs and help you stay active. 

So grab a ball, a frisbee, or your pet's favorite toy, and start playing!

Dance Party

Dancing is something that everyone does, whether they are little or they are older. It's an amazing way to express emotion, whether it is happy or sad. 

While dancing in your home alone is one of the best ways to get energy out, it may not be the most consistent. However, signing up for dance classes is a great way to keep some consistency in your routine. 

If you don’t find the time to commit to a regular class, sign up for any dance events that may be hosted nearby. It’s not uncommon to find dances for older adults around communities. 

That's because it is such an enjoyable way to exercise! The more social it is, the better the dance party it will be! 

Group Sports/ Wii Sports

Sports is something that a lot of us grow up with. But for some reason, the opportunities to play sports feel less common as we become adults. 

That is unless you play on a professional sports team. But most of us find that no matter how old we get, we still love playing sports. It’s a fun way to exercise, and it is also a great social thing to do. Joining a sports team at your local gym or in your community is a fantastic option for moderate and intense exercise

And now, with technology much more involved these days, we can even play sports in our living rooms. Wii actually became a great option for older adults to move and play sports in case they were susceptible to injury.

Moving for the Clean and Tidy

Cleaning is therapeutic to some. Cleaning also is not easy work. Many of us can recall a time or two when we began to break a sweat when dusting off the cabinets. 

While it is not technically the first thought that comes to mind when burning calories, it certainly counts. Moving around the house and doing chores is a great way to stay on your feet and work up a sweat. 

For caregivers with older parents, this is also a great way to get them involved and make them feel useful. Having them help you clean the house can have a positive mental impact as well as a physical one.

Alternative Ways to Get Your Heart Rate Going

Sometimes exercise truly is not the answer to solving all health problems. 

As we age, more people are turning to holistic and traditional medicine to help with physical and mental health. There are several unique paths to travel down but let’s just take a look at a few. 

  • Ion Detox Foot Baths work so that a small electric current runs through a small tub of water where your feet are placed. This process enhances the body’s natural detoxification process through a foot detox and allows many benefits. It helps treat chronic pain and inflammation, improves circulation, and increases energy and focus, among many more. This can potentially lead to the desire to exercise with more energy! 
  • Massage Work comes in many different forms. You can get traditional massages or look to do more Reiki and energy healing. Physical massage work helps treat muscles and improves circulation. This can help eliminate some of the aches and pains caused by exercising. 

Focus On Fun

The last thing you want to focus on when finding alternatives to exercise is the impact of exercise you will have. Forget the exercise and put your intentions on having fun. It is the best approach to keep it simple and think of how I can move and have fun simultaneously. 

That’s why it will be cleaning an entire house for some people. Other people may think, let someone else do the work for me. 

Do Yard Work 

Whether it's mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or shoveling snow, yard work provides an opportunity to engage in physical activity while also completing household tasks. 

Additionally, yard work provides a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get fresh air. Not only will you be helping to maintain your property and make it look beautiful, but you'll also be doing something good for your physical health. 

So the next time you need to do some yard work, think of it as an opportunity to stay active and improve your physical health.

When we think of fun, it’s natural to think back to being a kid. And for this situation, that is absolutely perfect. What do kids have fun doing? Well, they love to play sports, and for the most part, at one point or another, they love to dance. This is why ultimately, being a kid and exercising is the way to go. 

Wherever this path brings you, know that you are not alone, in a world where exercise is becoming trendy, it is still hard work. And not everyone is a fan of it. But we are fans of all the benefits it brings! 

This article was written for WHN by Nicole McCray who is a free-spirited creative content word ninja, who has been obsessed with beauty and fashion since she was a young girl. She’s a former wedding makeup artist who still loves spending her free time testing products and staying up to date on new fashion trends. On top of that, she’s a self-proclaimed health nut who loves to explore and write about holistic, healthy living.

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