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Eating Fruit and Vegetables Prevents Strokes
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DHA May Prevent Stroke Related Brain Damage
Dental X-Rays Predict Stroke Risk
Brain Can Rewire After Stroke
Aspirin Lowers Stroke-Related Damage
Apples May Lower Risk of Stroke
Warming Patients Before Surgery Cuts Infection Rate
Surgical Errors Skyrocket
Patients with type O blood face longest odds in getting new orga
Patients Warned to Stop Taking Herbal Supplements Before Surgery
Music Speeds Up Recovery from Surgery
Hypnosis Could Cut Cost of Surgery
Elderly Patients Often Prefer Hospital To Home Care
Cosmetic Surgery Soars in Popularity
Computer Technology Monitors Surgeons Performance
Baby Boomers Account for 43% of All Cosmetic Procedures Performe
Melatonin No Use for Combating Jet Lag
Holidays More Tiring than Work?
Frequent Flyers at Risk from Cosmic Radiation
Cosmic Radiation Not a Major Health Issue
Blood Oxygen Levels Dip During Short-Haul Flights
Viagra Effective For Women With Sexual Dysfunction Related to An
Stress May Help Women Live Healthier
Tobacco for Cervical Cancer
Progesterone No Help to PMS Sufferers
More than 5 Sexual Partners Increases Cervical Cancer Risk
Meat Not a Breast Cancer Risk
Keeping Active Reduces Breast Cancer Risk
HRT May Double Breast-Cancer Risk