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5 Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Loved Ones Remain Healthy and Active

2 years, 2 months ago

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Posted on Dec 01, 2021, 3 a.m.

The risk of certain diseases increases as we get older. However, a healthy and active lifestyle can reduce this risk. Therefore, it's important to keep your elderly loved ones healthy and active even as they age. Even though things like chronic pain can keep one from being active, there are many ways that your elderly loved one can remain fit and lead a happier lifestyle. 

Below we discuss five ways you can help your elderly loved one remain fit and healthy.

Help Them Exercise at Their Own Pace and Make It Fun

Your elderly loved one doesn't have to exercise vigorously to be active. Too much physical exertion can end up discouraging them from being more active. That's why it's important to let your loved ones stay active at their own pace. They should know that exercise is good in any shape or form as long as they keep their body moving.

Another way to encourage your elderly loved ones to stay active is by having them choose an activity they love. Swimming is a particularly great option if your loved one suffers from chronic pain, as they can exercise much longer in water compared to land. Plus, swimming can help those with heart disease and/or diabetes. If they enjoy tending to their garden, then encourage them to spend more time in their sunny garden.

Taking short walks around their neighborhood will also keep things interesting for your loved one if they don't like being cooped up inside for long. The most important thing is to keep moving their body in ways that are approved by their doctor.

Ensure They Eat Healthy Meals and Drink Hydrating Beverages

What a person eats and drinks contributes to their overall health. Therefore, you should encourage your elderly loved ones to eat healthy foods like fresh fruit and vegetables. In the same vein, seniors should also add other healthy foods like nuts and whole grains to their diet while avoiding processed foods and excessive intake of alcohol. This ensures they have the energy to stay active.

Your loved ones may not always be able to cook for themselves. You may have to provide healthy meals for them so they don't resort to convenience food, which is often unhealthy. Staying hydrated is also good for your health. Water is the best hydrating beverage of them all, so make sure your elderly loved one's water bottle is always filled. 

Remind Them to Take Their Medications and Supplements

Your elderly loved one may be taking medication necessary to keep them in good health. They may also be taking prescribed supplements. However, it's all too easy for elderly people to get the times mixed up or to forget to take their pills. As such, you should keep an eye on your loved ones to ensure they stick to their medication timetable. Be sure to also drive them to their doctor's appointments or to the pharmacist to collect their medication if they can't do it themselves.

Keep an Eye On Their Mental Health

Your elderly loved one's physical health isn't the only thing you need to watch out for; their mental health is also important. For instance, you need to watch out for any changes in your loved one's emotions. Do they go from being happy one minute to then sad or angry the next? Talk to them to find out the reason behind these mood swings. 

You should also look out for signs that they’re lonely, frustrated, and unable to care for themselves. Deteriorating personal hygiene is one thing to keep an eye out for especially. It's also a good idea to encourage counseling with a qualified mental health professional, as this is a good way to ensure your loved one is taken care of properly.

Consider Home Health Care

If you're a caregiver to your elderly loved one, then you'll both appreciate the benefits of home health care. For starters, it gives you relief from your caregiving duties while ensuring your loved one gets the personalized and quality care they need to keep healthy and active.

Home health care also gives your elderly loved ones the independence they need since they won't always have to rely on you. Home health care provides many services that can improve the quality of life for your elderly loved one. It can provide your loved one with round-the-clock care as well as healthy and tasty homemade meals.

Professionals from home health care will also provide your loved ones with the companionship they need to maintain their mental health. In addition, a home health care aide will ensure that your loved one takes their medication on time to keep them in good health.

These are the top five ways to keep your elderly loved one healthy and active. The easiest way to achieve a healthier and happier life for your loved one is by trusting reputable home health care professionals to provide the quality care they need.

About the Author: Special Touch Home Care provides professional home health care services and access to CDPAP in New York state. Learn how to get a home health aide today.

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