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Americans Think That Food Tastes Better During Summer

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Posted on Jun 21, 2023, 2 p.m.

Most people are excited about the change of season bringing about summer, welcoming the fun that comes along with it like lots of sunshine, beach days, seasonal foods, and cookouts. According to a random double-opt-in survey of 2,000 general population Americans conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Chinet, the majority of Americans think that food tastes better in the summer.

54% of the respondents report being psyched for summer, 31% of the respondent are so excited for summer that they consider it starts earlier than June, 50% get excited as soon as warm weather starts, 21% enjoy the longer days which are the hallmarks of the season, and 26% begin to switch out seasonal clothing as early as April. 

68% of the respondents report that they are more likely to attend social gatherings during summertime, and the average respondent says that they plan on hitting the beach or pool on at least 4 days a week, 57% plan on bringing chips with them to snack on, 56% will be enjoying some refreshing lemonade while 55% prefer iced tea, 54% like to chomp on fresh fruits when the temperatures rise, and 51% enjoy sandwiches for a quick bite. 

The majority of the respondents believe that summertime means that the barbecue season will be in full swing and they report that they will enjoy it five days a week, 77% enjoy grilled burgers, 72% like hotdogs, 65% prefer chicken, and 62% crave ribs. Surprisingly, 32% of the respondents prefer a good hot dog over a Thanksgiving feast. 62% think a bbq plate is not complete without potato salad, and 53% say that there has to be corn involved, on average the respondents said that at least 4 side dishes are needed to make a grilled plate complete. 

With summer gearing up to be in motion, gatherings will be more common, the respondents said that they typically attend an average of 3 birthday parties, picnics, and social events a month where they like to snack, starting with sandwiches (62%), followed by fresh fruit (54%), then they graze on chips and dip (53%). But for more special occasions like weddings or showers, dainty options are more appreciated, with 52% saying that finger sandwiches are a must-have, 49% appreciate fresh fruit, 45% suggest not forgetting about the cocktails, and 38% say bring on those yummy pastries. 

Regardless of the occasion or destination 40% of the respondents enjoy taking advantage of the summertime and hanging out while eating outdoors as much as possible, 79% just like being in the fresh air while 71% like soaking up the wonderful sunshine, and 58% enjoy being outside eating so much that they wish they could do it all year long. 

Food appears to make the season, 31% report that they are not as bothered eating messier foods during the summer as they are at other times of the year, and 71% believe that some foods taste better during the summer with 74% liking watermelon more when the temperature increases, 68% reach for ice cream more, and 59% can’t get enough lemonade. 

While 32% of the respondents said that they are more likely to cook during the summer, 37% reported that they snack more during the summer, and 61% said that they prefer lighter meals when it’s hot outside, with 54% saying that they reserve those heavier meals for the cold winter months when those hot meals are more appreciated. But when they are hosting a summer event 48% of the respondents said that they like to be more creative and try out cooking new foods more so than in other seasons. 

“Summer is a great time to gather with your friends and family for an outdoor hangout,” says Chinet® brand manager, Melissa Rakos, in a statement. “Whether it’s hosting a backyard barbecue, eating dinner at the lake, or snacking poolside, disposable tableware means more time to spend with loved ones and less time worrying about the cleanup of messy meals.”

“Summer months welcome the opportunity to try new recipes for your next gathering,” adds Rakos. “We encourage everyone to carve out time to find these little moments while preventing them from being overwhelmed with hosting and cleaning up.”

It appears as if Americans lean more towards unhealthier food choices when the temperature increases. It is important not to forget about your health, even in the summer, so while you are enjoying the heat you can also enjoy healthier options that are filling as well as refreshing like vegetable spears, fresh salads, and smoothies that will be way more friendly to your waistline and heart. Fish also tastes great grilled. Have you tried grilled tuna steaks, or what about salmon grilled on a cedar plank with onions, and bell peppers, topped with some lemon, herbs, and spices? 

When you are thinking about BBQ don’t forget that you can also grill up a lot of vegetables and fruits for side options. Salads can be your friend in the summer, your imagination is the only limit to options and variations, why not try out a quinoa salad or an easy cucumber salad? Speaking of easy, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to wash and slice up a bunch of fresh vegetables or fruit to graze on throughout the day. Finally, when it comes to beating the heat a nice smoothie made from frozen fruits or a glass of cold water with some mint and a few slices of citrus fruits in it can work wonders.

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