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Promoting Healthy Glowing Skin

1 year, 5 months ago

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Posted on Feb 26, 2019, 9 p.m.

Designer cosmetics, injections, creams, stimulants can be found readily, but beautiful skin can also be achieved using nature’s timeless design, along with making healthier lifestyle choices.

Food as medicine is not a new concept, by healing the body from within we can also help to heal wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and other issues that plague the face. If you open your mind to more gentler methods and healing with food, making simple healthy lifestyle choices including sleep, exercise, and a well balanced diet you can promote a variety of wonderful benefits.

In order to do this you have to be more active and stop being content to sit idle in a sedentary lifestyle living from comfortable houses with your eyes glued to screens, as all of this is only providing a false sense of security. Modern society has become consumerism dependant, and based on instant gratification which is ultimately at the cost of health, inner fulfillment and freedom. The problem is that the vast majority prefer to believe that comforting lie rather than the harsh truth; but more and more people are taking off those blinders.

Healthy diet and lifestyle habits can help to deactivate some of our skin problems to promote and invigorate a more youthful appearance. Mainstream media tries to convince the masses to be consumers rather than learn to grow, cook, and eat nourishing foods that can help to heal us. You can take some of that power back by being more in charge of what goes in your mouth. We’ve collected a few of the most powerful beauty foods and just some of their purposes.

Arugula, dandelion, and nettle are common bitter greens that are liver cleansers, their bitterness stimulates the vagus nerve which tells the liver to produce fresh bile that helps the liver to cleanse out toxic bile and harmful bacteria, when the liver is clean the skin glows. Such foods stimulate digestion as a useful preventative measure, because when food is not digested properly it leads to bacterial imbalances, yeast infections, toxicity, and constipation which eventually will show on the skin. Stinging nettle is a rather common weed that can actually be found for free, it is a high source of silicon needed for collagen production. Silica requires strong stomach acids to break it down, without enough silica the skin starts to sag and wrinkle. Stinging nettle weed is a good example of bitter green that will stimulate secretion of stomach acid that will help to break down silica to promote collagen production and healthy skin.

Young grasses such as alfalfa are great sources of chlorophyll, also referred to as liquid sunshine, which cleanses the blood and detoxifies the liver. Young grasses work wonderfully as detoxifiers and contain ample amounts of amino acids that are building blocks for skin tissues. Young grasses can be found fresh and are best juiced as its nutrients are locked in its cellulose which humans are not able to digest. Young grasses can also be found in raw and powdered forms; some powder forms are fermented which unlocks the nutrients and makes them easier to digest.

Herbs such as schisandra, ginger, turmeric, and burdock are very potent and are loaded with skin supporting properties. One of theses medicinal plants functions are to cleanse the liver, skin can be thought of as the outer liver, if you want great skin, you should try to keep the liver clean, and these herbs can help. Turmeric has many beneficial properties, among those it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which is close to that of cortisone. Toss out that acne medication and start juicing this brilliant yellow herb to enjoy its benefits of rejuvenating skin tissue, fighting acne and boils, and adding to colour and lusciousness of the skin. Similarly ginger has many of the same properties; and burdock is fantastic for helping to clean the blood which is important for clear skin and preventing more serious skin ailments.

Sea vegetables carry some major health and beauty resources due to their mineral content. As they come from the ocean they have more mineral deposits than overly farmed soils, and are antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory to help keep skin free of fungus, yeast, and bacterial infections. Mineral makeup in seaweed is identical to that of human blood, and sea veggies are higher in calcium that dairy, particularly Alaria seaweed, and Arame is iodine rich which is crucial to many different body functions. Iodine impacts the endocrine system and nourishes the adrenals and thyroid that play roles in skin health; when healthy these glands promote soft, wrinkle free, glowing skin.  

Raw fats such as avocado and eggs are especially great for the skin because they are detoxifying and rich in sulfur, B vitamins, and folate. Raw fats absorb toxins in the body, and act like lubricants to help remove them from the digestive tract, while helping to deliver vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other good stuff to the cells. Green apples are good for the skin too, but an avocado a day along with that apple does wonders for the skin and helps keep the doctor away.

Probiotic foods are very important to the body and health, they are also great for the skin. Probiotics are immunity protectors fighting off bugs and keeping the body clean, but they are also tiny alchemists taking silica and turning into other minerals we may be deficient in which are necessary for beautiful skin such as electrolytes. Coconut kefir is full of electrolytes and can help reduce pores overnight and promote glowing skin. Probiotics are living organisms, thus probiotic foods are recommended over pills or powders.

Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, and oranges are like BFFs to the skin as these sweet and sour beauties are loaded with vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Citrus fruits contain electrolytes, alkalize the body, dissolve uric acid, help dissolve kidney stones, and contain at least 58 anti-cancer compounds. Citrus fruits are also diuretics that help to eliminate toxins through urine more efficiently; anything that keeps the kidneys, liver, and digestive tract clean will result in great skin. One cup of raw lemon juice a day for three months is suggested to completely regenerate a toxic liver; if not anything else the fresh citrus juice intake will afford you the benefit of promoting flawless skin as they are great for the liver.

Onions, garlic, pine needles, radishes, aloe vera, pine nuts, durian, eggs, arugula, and wild grasses are examples of common sulfuric foods. Sulfur can be found in all living things, and it aids in proper formation of skin tissue, hormones, and antibodies. Sulfur is also needed for formation of collagen which makes up over a quarter of the protein in the body. If you desire wrinkle free and elastic skin it would be wise to become friends with these smelly and bitter foods.

Lastly, bone broth contains just about everything healthy skin needs such as amino acids, sulfurs, glutamine, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and over 70 trace minerals. Bone broth is in liquid form which makes it easy to digest and more bioavailable than just about any boxed beauty product found on any shelf.

While using nature is not a quick fix, it is effective and empowering in many ways. You don’t need to completely overhaul your life in one shot to make better lifestyle choices. Pick one or two things and incorporate it into your life, once that is down pat, add a few more, before you know it you will notice the difference; and once you do you will not turn back because nothing feels quite as good as radiant health and beauty on the inside and out.

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