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Science Backed Anti-Aging Tips That Work

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Posted on Jul 09, 2019, 6 p.m.

Anti-aging medicine really didn’t exist until it emerged in the United States in the 1990s with the objective of changing the way people viewed and approached aging. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine(A4M) was founded in 1992 by Dr. Goldman and Dr. Klatz together with a group of doctors which revolutionized gerontology and the industry; up until that point aging was simply considered to be an inevitable process that nothing could really be done about. Geriatrics was applied by the doctors to ease the symptoms of age related diseases.

Anti-aging medicine changes preconceptions of aging as being avoidable to that of a disease which may be possible to treat with medical methods, and makes one rethink aging. The first change is to adapt a positive attitude, and transition from a passive position to an active one; changing a few habits both with and without medication has been shown to alter the pattern of aging. Healthy aging is not the result of hitting the genetic jackpot, rather the outcome of preventive and interventionist approaches. 

“Anti-ageing medicine dispels the myth that you simply wait for the arrival of diseases and ageing and accept them, showing that you can actually intervene before this happens by developing habits that will prolong your life.” says Dr. Thierry Hertoghe. 

In regards to anti-aging approaches Dr. Klatz explains, “What if aging could be intervened upon, which in turn created longer, healthier and happier lifespans? Practical immortality is achievable, anti-aging technology represents a shift in medicine with the goal to create healthspans that will keep you dancing like a longevity warrior into to your 100's and beyond.” 

Anti-aging means trying to slow down the aging process so that one grows older in good health. Durability should not be a burden, the goal is to maintain as much youthful energy as possible which can be saved and maintained, sometimes with and without the help of medicine and supplements. 

The main goal of anti-aging is to prevent disease or even the tendency for age related disease, the focus is on diagnosing functional and metabolic changes within the body before they can manifest as disease, and stopping them from doing so. Advances in technology allows us to now know how to identify the predisposing factors of chronic disease, which can be altered so development of pathologies can be avoided and/or postponed. 

Anti-aging and regenerative medicine examines multiple factors of the aging process and makes adjustments to take action to affect their influence, as such there are few pillars of anti-aging that one should be aware of and watch to age more gracefully. 

The first pillar of note is diet and nutrition as what we eat has been shown to directly influence longevity. A healthy diet composed of small portions and healthy foods is associated with longevity, the key is high fiber foods which includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; unhealthy diets leads to inflammation, cardiovascular and metabolic disease and accelerates the aging process of the body as a whole.

The second pillar is keeping stress in check as chronic stress has a negative impact on health and can affect how quickly aging results in disease. Pursuit of harmony will act as an invigorating elixir to affect the quality of life and longevity, while stress chemistry can raise inflammation, cortisol and catecholamine and reduce anabolic hormone levels. 

The third pillar is physical activity and avoiding being sedentary as inertness causes many forms of diseases that are associated with inflammation and aging. Regular physical activity has been shown in multiple studies to help prevent numerous diseases, and allows muscle strength, endurance, balance, and bone density to carry on late in life. Recently, exercise has been linked to helping keep the brain sharp in later years, which adds to the body of evidence supporting an active lifestyle. 

The fourth pillar is maintaining the right balance of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients within the body, which is becoming increasingly difficult even without having a busy schedule due to modern methods of crop harvesting or manufacturing even when following a balanced diet. Sometimes it may be necessary to enrich the diet with supplements to provide nutrient building elements the organs need, and to protect against free radical attacks caused by bad food choices, unhealthy lifestyles, and a polluted environment.

The fifth pillar is maintaining hormonal balance, after reaching 35 the process of reducing hormone balance begins and production of sex hormones and anabolic hormones will gradually decrease. The absence of anabolic hormones creates conditions in which recovery and regeneration of the body can’t take place as catabolism continues. Replenishing deficiencies will provide the body with the ability to maintain its regenerative powers. 

In short, finding a balanced approach to keep inflammation and stress in check, get enough sleep, follow a balanced healthy diet, living a physically and socially active lifestyle, and the addition of vitamins, minerals, and hormones to keep levels at optimum level in the body will lead to an effective process of rejuvenation and regeneration that will help to prevent many diseases. 

Anti-aging is aimed at improving and maintaining good health as a means to extend lifespan while improving quality of life, these principals can be integrated into any medical field which will be of benefit to many people. As we get older the aging process doesn’t have to be horrendous, by making simple lifestyle changes now, not only can we become healthier now but also extend those benefits into later life.

“No, the aging process does not have to suck. Modern anti-aging technologies will make it possible for you to dance your way like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers across the graves of the cynics. Don’t sit down, stay active, alert, and educated. Pay no mind to the naysayers, for they are disinformation peddlers, stand up right, keep moving, and stay active because they can’t burry you if you won't stop moving, that’s the key.” says Dr. Klatz earnestly.

“Anti-aging and regenerative medicine is all about is having time to enjoy your life, to enjoy your friends and family, to live, love, and accomplish what you want to do on this planet before you check out; that's what anti-aging medicine has to offer.” explains Dr. Klatz wholeheartedly.

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