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Ways to Feel Healthy and Beautiful from Inside and Outside

11 months, 2 weeks ago

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Posted on Dec 17, 2021, 1 p.m.

Brands, together with the media, have made progress in being inclusive regarding diverse body shapes. Although it is inspiring to see different women strutting down the runway and on magazines, we still struggle to feel beautiful.

While some are experts in concealing their insecurities, others can suffer from low self-confidence, leading to poor life decisions. The good news is, there are simple ways to feel beautiful inside and out without spending money on life coaches or surgery.

Seven ways to feel beautiful inside and out starting today:

Get to know yourself through meditation

What can sitting still every day for ten minutes do to your self-esteem? It can do a lot, including transforming your life. Meditation is a critical tool you need if your mind enjoys going into overdrive, listing how you don't measure up to the people around you and those on social media. What meditation does is help you quiet the mind. It teaches you to be an observer of your thoughts and feelings.

When you become the observer, you realize that you don't have to believe the negative thoughts your mind likes to remind you of. Furthermore, with meditation, you have the time to get to know yourself. If you know what you like and want out of life, you won't feel overwhelmed by images around you and social media. Meditation allows you to feel grateful for what you have, and you will crave less of the things you think will help you attain your idealized version of beauty.

Play with your look

Being grateful for your body will make you feel beautiful inside and out, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun playing with different looks. Makeup and nail art are there to find your style and express yourself through fashion. The best part of the beauty industry is that you will always find what works for you. Maybe a brush of mascara on your lashes and investing in high-quality nail files to keep your nails in top shape are all you need, or you might like a whole new wardrobe.

Find the right skincare products

The opposite of getting old is dying young, so it's safe to say that wrinkles are a great reminder of how much we laughed through the years and all the experiences we have endured so far. Although there are various invasive procedures to keep wrinkles away, the simplest method to keep your skin looking good and bright is by finding the right skincare products for you.

It might take a few tries until you find the right brand. Generally, getting advice from a beauty professional is your best bet to finding the right products for your skin. Speaking of professionals, visiting your beautician regularly and getting facials will always help the skin.

Enjoy life thoroughly

Being productive is great, and so is achieving your life goals and finding success. Yet, while getting towards our goals, we can forget to enjoy life. When that happens, we become overwhelmed with negativity and see ourselves as anxious, stressed, depressed, rather than seeing how fun we can be. It can be hard to see your inner beauty when overwhelmed with negativity. So if you want to see yourself beautiful both inside and out, don't forget to laugh often and enjoy life thoroughly.

Find people who love you for you

You don't need to have an army of people to tell you how beautiful you are. All it takes is a few humans who love you for all your quirks and weirdness

Sometimes you may be surrounded by toxic people and not realize how negatively they affect your life. Take a step back from those around you and ask yourself whether the people who say that love you are encouraging you to be yourself. Do they support your goals? Do they put you down? Can you rely on their support even when you experience failure or success? The people who genuinely care about you will embrace every aspect of you and remind you of your beauty in your darkest times. 

Eat well, and don't forget to move

We all know how important good health is, yet many of us prefer to jeopardize it with unhealthy choices. Although eating junk food gives you pleasure, opting for unhealthy options most of the time can make you feel less than beautiful inside or out. High fat and high-sugar diet can dull the skin. More significantly, a poor diet can trigger anxiety, which can reap havoc on your self-confidence. So if you want something fatty, opt for omega-3 rich food like salmon to keep stress at bay and help your skin. Antioxidant-rich food like berries is a great option too. 

Being healthy doesn't have to be a complicated task. Opt for more fresh, raw food, and keeping the sugar and fat options to a minimum is straightforward enough. 

Choose to live a beautiful life

Most of us on this earth live a less-than-glamorous life, and we could write pages of ways life could be better. Yet, the reality is, you can have all the riches in the world and be miserable. So starting today, why not make an effort to live a beautiful life to feel beautiful inside and out? 

Live life as if you are experiencing it for the first time.  Smile at your neighbors on your way to work. Wear that skirt you have been saving for a special occasion.

Dress beautifully, smile for those around you, and be an example of beauty and happiness, despite all the uncertainty in the world

Make sure to also exercise and eat right. When we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, our quality of life improves as well. 

I hope that this article has proven to be both helpful and insightful. My goal when creating this article was to ensure that you, the reader, can walk away with a greater understanding of some things you can do to harness your true beauty both on the inside and out. Here's to your new future!

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