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Coronavirus Outbreak

By Tamsyn at Feb. 24, 2020, 3:32 p.m., 4289 hits

Thread to discuss and share information regarding the coronavirus outbreak, updates, interventions, etc,
We will start with links of related information and will be updating frequently.
Please feel free to join in and contribute. Corona Solution
Natural Ways To Combat Flu Symptoms
Reducing Diagnostic Time
Nutritional Support
Dont Die From The Flu
Experts Say Will Spread
Is China Downplaying Infection?
2020 Coronavirus Report
How Viruses Easily Infect Via Eyes
Combat Symptoms
Global Pandemic?
Confirmed To Be Spreading
Cases Going Undetected, Mortality, Economy Risk
America's First Case Of Community Spread Coronavirus
Orange County Declares Emergency & FDA Announces First Drug Shortages
New Compounds Fight Multiple Viruses
Official Statement From China For Recommended Treatment of COVID-19
D.I.Y Hand Sanitizer
Mutation Which Makes Coronavirus Extremely Infectious
Would You Be Willing To Be Voluntarily Infected With Coronavirus?
Peddling Disinformation on COVID-19
Risk Factors For COVID-19 Related Death Identified
Puzzle Game Aims To Crowdsource A COVID-19 Cure
A Scientific Look at Botanical Plants and Supplements Against Coronavirus
Staying Physically Active If You Are Stuck At Home
Anxiety Over The Current State Of Affairs
10 Top Immune System Supplements
FDA Gives Green Light To 2nd Commercial COVID-19 Test
Common Drugs That May Confer Higher Risk For COVID-19
30 Day Shut Down Order For Nevada
Drug Used In Japan Showing Promise Against COVID-19
Stay At Home Order For California
DIY Toilet Paper
Strengthening The Immune System With Food
Testing Decisions May Haunt The Nation
COVID-19 Stable For Hours To Days On Surfaces
Collaboration To Develop COVID-19 T-cell Therapy
COVID-19 Diagnostics Still Not Meeting The Demand
Lost Sense Of Smell May Be A Clue To Infection
Amid Distancing And Social Isolation Exercise Is Needed
New York Hospitals Utilizing Vitamin C
The Latest HIPAA Updates in Response to COVID-19
CPAP Machines Authorized As Emergency Ventilator Alternatives
Americans Will Have To Cure The Coronavirus Epidemic on Their Own
Tips To Help Stop Touching Your Face
Shopping Safely & Eating Well During This Outbreak
HCQ Effective For COVID-19 In Small Trial
FDA Approves First COVID-19 Antibody Test
Mindfulness: Yoga And Meditation During Social Distancing And Isolation
3 U.S. Hospitals Use IVs of Vitamin C & Other Low-Cost, Readily Available Drugs
DIY Face Masks
On Average Only 6% Of COVID-19 Infections Detected Worldwide?
Updated Practice Management Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities
Coronavirus Anxiety: How to Cope with Stress, Panic & Self-Isolation
Korean CDC Says COVID-19 May Be Reactivating In The Recovered
Covid19 or Not, It was Bad. I Thought I Was Dying.
Chloroquine Trial Experiencing Heart Complications
Melatonin Could Possibly Play An Immune Modulating Role Against COVID-19
Calls To Helplines In America Increase Dramatically
Newly Launched A4M COVID-19 Resource Hub
COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Changes
Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Clinic Becomes The First To Use Ozone Therapy In Spain
Common Gastrointestinal Symptoms Of COVID-19
275 Ways To Reduce Spread Of Infection Following Lockdown Identified
FDA Authorizes 2nd Blood Filtering Device For COVID-19
Elderly Health in the Times of COVID Go Beyond the Virus
Sweden’s Approach To Dealing With COVID-19
Improving Indoor Air Quality To Help Protect Health
CEO Says COVID-19 Antibody Testing Is A Disaster
CDC Adds 6 Symptoms To COVID-19
According To Research Vitamins C & D Can Help Prevent Infection
Emerging Theories That May Help Us Solve the COVID-19 Puzzle
The Latest Medical Findings Suggest Blood Clotting In COVID-19
Remdesivir Showing Promise In Some COVID-19 Patients
Cedars-Sinai To Use UV Light To Treat COVID-19/
Physician’s Recession Guide: How to Protect Your Practice During COVID-19
Has New Zealand Effectively Eliminated COVID-19?
Scientists Conclude That It Is Unlikely To Have COVID-19 Twice
Ayurveda And Yoga For Prevention
Making The Best Out Of Online Therapy During An Outbreak
Scientific Evidence Suggests Vitamin D Supports Immune Functions
Indoor Transmission: Outdoor Activities Could Pose Lower Risks In Warm Temperatures
Mount Sinai-Sorrento COVID-19 Venture
FDA Published Validation Results Of Antibody Tests
Vitamin D Levels Appear To Have A Role In COVID-19 Mortality
Antiviral Drug Cocktail Shows Success In Clearing COVID-19 In 7 Days
Study Finds Most Develop Antibodies To COVID-19
Staying Fit And Active During COVID-19
Children Are At Risk For COVID-19
COVID-19 and Lipoprotein(a): Time for Widespread Testing
New Data Suggest COVID-19 May Not Be As Deadly As Thought
Medicare COVID-19 Telemedicine Factsheet
Revised CDC Guidance On COVID-19 How Spreads
Bangladesh Medical Team Claims Ivermectin With Doxycycline Clears COVID-19
96% Of COVID-19 Fatalities In Italy Suffered From Other Illnesses
Most Americans Delayed Medical Care in Recent Months
Hydroxychloroquine Study Corrected After Findings Were Questioned
Wearable Biosensors Measure The Levels Of Vitamin C In Sweat
Proposal To Halt The COVID-19 Pandemic With Ivermectin
Promising COVID-19 Busting Drug From Russia
Mysterious Heart Damage Affecting COVID-19 Patients
Why Are The Weirdest Symptoms Of COVID-19 Emerging?
Study Finds Vitamin D Is Linked To Low Virus Death Rate
W.H.O Suggests Asymptomatic Carrier Spread Of COVID-19 Is “Very Rare”
Vitamin K Deficiency May Worsen Symptoms Of COVID-19
COVID-19: New Test Targets Unique Region Of Spike Protein
Close The Lid After You Skip To The Loo
FDA Repeals Emergency Authorization Use Of Chloroquine & Hydroxychloroquine
Possible Breakthrough: Cheap Steroid May Save Lives From COVID-19
Addressing a Dysfunctional Healthcare System During a Pandemic
Lasting Effects Of This Coronavirus
Doctor Claims To Have Found The Silver Bullet For COVID-19
Potential Consequences Of Wearing Face Masks To Be Wary Of
Overcoming The Loneliness Of Self-Isolation
FDA Warnings Against 9 Popular Hand Sanitizers
An Epidemiologist Weighs In On What Makes A “Wave” Of Disease
Autopsy: Hoping To Solve Mysteries Of Coronavirus
Ivermectin Displaying Promising Results
Why Everyone Was Wrong
Rapid Antigen Test For COVID-19 Authorized By FDA
Are Millions Without Insurance During This Pandemic?
FDA Warning Against More Hand Sanitizers
Drug Could Eradicate COVID-19 From Lungs In Days
Approved Drug May Neutralize Virus That Causes COVID-19
A Polarized Society
CDC No Longer In Control Of COVID-19 Data
Lab Made Virus Mimics COVID-19
Study Suggests Vitamin D May Help The Body Fight Infection
Another Opinion
Leading Academic “Profoundly Disappointed” By COVID-19 Response
Past Coronavirus Infections May Leave T-Cells That Recognize SARS-CoV-2
FDA Authorizes First COVID-19 Antibody Amounts Measuring Test
Boosting The Immune System Could Be A Treatment Strategy For COVID-19
New Antivirals May Kill SARS-CoV-2
Most People Don’t Have The Assets To Endure 3 Months Without Income

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